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Geisha Cafe

Enter Geisha Cafe, the world's first Geisha themed cafe. Here, you can enjoy the delicious taste of traditional green tea, Japanese sweets, and other foods and drinks, all while being pampered by a maiko in training. The cafe is the first floor of a building that serves as a culture museum and a heritage house. Your guide will tell you about the Edo-period decorations in the building that houses the cafe, or any other aspect of Japanese culture that you may be interested in. During this journey into Japanese history, you will eat a fantastic meal while learning more about the culture of geisha and maiko. Everything is explained and all questions are answered by an English-speaking staff member. You can have your photos taken with a beautiful Geisha.

Geisha are a perfect example of Japanese poise and charm. In order to be a geisha one has to learn how to play various music instruments, perform exquisite dances, perform Japanese arts and crafts, and entertain guests with delightful conversation. Geisha cafe is perhaps the only place in Japan where visitors can have a chance to talk to a geisha in training and also take a picture with her, anytime throughout the year. Many Geishas have found a calling to demonstrate their traditional arts to tourists and visitors. Maikoya Osaka hosts a number of these professionals who are waiting to entertain and teach you and your family!

An unforgettable cultural experience at Geisha Cafe awaits you!
Cafe Menu
Japanese sweets-wagashi
Green tea
Gold covered Kobe Beef burger
Golden ice cream

Disclaimer: Our building used to serve as a geisha house; however, currently it is not a geisha house or Okiya. Our building is a cultural education centre. The geisha who is serving you is not someone who lived in Okiya for years. Maikoya’s main focus is promoting Japanese crafts and arts and Maikoya certainly does not follow the code of Kyoto or Tokyo geisha houses or affiliated with any okiya or geisha association.