Looking for an exciting way to remember your trip to Osaka?

MAIKOYA studios provides everyone with a special photo experience in a friendly and relaxed environment. Whether you are visiting as a couple, family or just yourself – you can’t miss the opportunity to create such a unique memento of your visit. MAIKOYA studios have a range of traditional Japanese costumes for you and your loved ones to choose from. Ever wanted to be a kimono wearing princess for a day? Do you know a guy who would love to wear some samurai armour? There are a range of traditional garments to choose from in a range of designs and sizes. There are also outfits from a range of anime TV shows if you wish to be a contemporary Japanese hero!

At MAIKOYA studios, you can also choose your own background for your photo experience. Ever wanted to visit the famous Mount Fuji? Or be awed by beautiful peace blossoms blooming in the Spring? Maybe you want to be inside a traditional Japanese tea room? How about a picturesque view of Osaka with a full view of Tsutenkaku Tower? You can do any of these while not leaving the comfort of the Things To Do Studios.

Friendly English speaking staff at the Things To Do Osaka will create the photo experience of a lifetime and your photographs will be ready in only 10 minutes. So make a visit to MAIKOYA studios a priority and make a memory that will last for years to come.


〒550-0013 大阪府大阪市西区
新町1-22-7 SEBONGビル


心斎橋駅 から徒歩 7分

四ツ橋駅から徒歩 3分

西大橋駅から徒歩 2分