(Akira Yoshinori Hochu Myogi Senrei motte Houchu) Authentic Samurai Sword – 568



Blade length 68.8 cm
warp Three minutes / 0.91 cm
Moto haba / Width of the blade 31.7 mm
Motogasane / Thickness of the bottom part of the blade 7.1 mm
Saki Haba / Chip Width Strike 24.2 mm, Yokote position 21.4 mm
Sakigasane / Tick Nes of te bade Strike 4.8 mm, Yokote position 4.4 mm
Nail hole / mekugi ana
Age Around Kanbun in the early Edo period (1661 ~)
The early period of Edo era
Appraisal report
Official Registration Document May 15, 1969 Miyagi Prefecture Official Registration Document
Included ・ Bare copper habaki
・ Shirasaya
Price / Cost 300,000 Yen(excluding tax and excluding shipping)

This sword is not inscribed as the author’s name, but as Meiyoshi Senrei Hochu. The Meiyoshi in this inscription is thought to mean the Morioka Domain, also known as the Meiyoshido, which is a clan school of the Southern Clan. It is presumed that he would give his gratitude and use this sword to reward his loyalty in the event of an emergency.

Since it is an old sharpening, the ground iron is blocked and it is not clear, but the hand-held balance is very good, and the straight blade with a tight scent is burned on the ground iron with a small plate grain flow, so it should be noted. It is a direct reflection that appears clearly on the whole, and it looks monotonous when viewed roughly, but when viewed closely, it shows a fine disordered reflection, and although there are wrought flaws and buried iron, it is sticky and hard to break. You can see that it is a sword. This sword, which is a naive purchase and is filled with the history of the Morioka clan school and the Nanbu clan, should be returned to the hometown, polished appropriately, and carefully handed down to future generations.