Chikugo Yanagikawa Sumihisahiro, August 2, 2nd year of Keio Chikugo Yanagawa ju Hisahiro Authentic Samurai Sword – 683

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Blade length 74.1 cm
Warp 3/4 cm / 1.31 cm
Moto haba / Width of the blade 31.5 mm
Motogasane / Thickness of the bottom part of the blade 7.5 mm
Saki Haba / Chip Width Strike 25.2 mm, Yokote position 21.7 mm
Sakigasane / Tick Nes of te bade Strike 6.2 mm, pine needle tip 5.2 mm
Nail hole / mekugi ana
Age Late Edo period Keio 2nd year (1866)
The last years of Edo era
Appraisal report Special preservation sword certificate
Official Registration Document December 17, 2002 Kumamoto Prefecture Official Registration Document
Included ・ Copper bare metal plating
・ Shirasaya
Price / Cost 650,000 Yen(FREE shipping all of the world)

Mamoru Shinano, Hisahiro Muto, was a swordsmith of the Dotanuki Sue school who studied swords under Dotanuki Munehiro, and wielded a hammer as a smith of the Tachibana clan of the Yanagawa domain. The flow is still inherited by modern swordsmiths who are active in Fukuoka Prefecture.

This sword has a well-kneaded and clogged small-grained skin, and has a bright and clear straight blade that is similar to a small boiling point. It is a gem, and it is a work that fully demonstrates the skill of Kuhiro who was active as a Yanagawa feudal lord.

Nude weight 871 grams.