Musashi Morigen Toshishige Yamashiro / New Sword Musashinokami Minamoto Toshishige Authentic Samurai Sword – 548

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Blade length 61.8 cm
warp 0.77 cm
Moto haba / Width of the blade 29.6 mm
Motogasane / Thickness of the bottom part of the blade 6.2 mm
Saki Haba / Chip Width 22.0 mm
Sakigasane / Tick Nes of te bade 5.0 mm
Nail hole / mekugi ana Three
Age Early Edo period Kanbun-Enpo period (1670-)
The early period of Edo era
Appraisal report Preserved sword certificate
Official Registration Document March 16, 1976 Ehime Prefecture Official Registration Document
Included ・ Copper-based silver-plated habaki
・ Shirasaya
・ Type 98 Army sword fittings (covered with leather for field warfare)
Price / Cost 650,000 Yen(FREE shipping all of the world)

First Musashi Daisou. The first Omi Moriku Domon. It also hits Tadashi Settsu and Tamba Sasayama. Lives in Nishinotoin.

This is an introduction to the naive sword that I bought from Ehime.
Small plate The ground iron, which is well-kneaded and slightly textured, has a faint and disturbed reflection around the striking area. The scent is bright and clear, and it is baked immediately. The original one has a sharp edge and a violent sunagare.

Although it is regrettable to send it to the ward, it is solid and in good condition, and the attached 98-type Guntō sword is equipped with a removable leather cover for field warfare. The helmet gold (handled head metal fittings) of the handle is decorated with a falling wisteria crest, and the scabbard is a high-class product with a wooden scabbard coated with genuine lacquer stone. It is not a collection of restored Guntō swords, so it is a sword that can be confidently recommended to those who have a military uniform.
* We will deliver the preserved sword certificate to the customer as soon as it arrives from the Japan Art Sword Preservation Association.

Nude weight 577 grams. Weight 975 grams that was put in the sword and the sheath was removed.