(Unsigned Mumei) Authentic Samurai Sword – 836



Blade length 63.59 cm
warp 1.38 cm
Moto haba / Width of the blade 26.7 mm
Motogasane / Thickness of the bottom part of the blade 6.4 mm
Saki Haba / Chip Width Strike 21.5 mm, Yokote position 15.1 mm
Sakigasane / Tick Nes of te bade Strike 5.4 mm Matsuba position 3.4 mm
Nail hole / mekugi ana 1 piece
Age Kamakura-early Muromachi
The Kamakura era
Appraisal report
Official Registration Document December 22, 2011 Hyogo Prefecture Official Registration Document
Included Bare copper sword fittings Aogai Sanjo palm change coating sheath sword
Price / Cost 352,000 Yen(excluding tax and excluding shipping)

The finely heathered skin has a reflection, and the sword has a deep scent and is very old-fashioned. The era notation is fairly broadly described from Kamakura to the early Muromachi period, but it is presumed that the sword of a considerably old era was made into a large sword, judging from the fact that the warp of the center is hidden. However, there is a blade cutting that reaches the scent in the center of the blade. Therefore, it will not be subject to the issuance of a certificate and the career path will be closed, but it is also an opportunity to obtain a masterpiece at a drastic low price.
The attached sword fittings are a masterpiece of good metal fittings, although the sheath coating has pain due to aging. The handle roll is a luxury item with a bellows roll.
It is a sword that you can enjoy both inside and outside as long as you can put up with cutting the blade.

Nude weight 541 grams. Weight of 781 grams that was put in the sword and the sheath was removed.

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