Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan, ssl.honjinhiranoya.com

Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan, ssl.honjinhiranoya.com

Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan is an onsen ryokan located in Honmachi, Takayama. Its exterior design is a perfect blend of harmony with the cityscape. It welcomes guests with a warm and cozy ambiance that reminds them of the atmosphere of their home. The place takes visitors on a nostalgic journey enhanced by the traditional Japanese aesthetic. As this is an adult-only accommodation, children of primary age and under are not permitted in the inn.

The ryokan has its rooms based on traditional Japanese style with some areas having the touch of modern equipment. It also features a combination of Japanese and Western-styles, like its bathroom, being equipped with stained glass and such. The rooms cost around 20,000 to 60,000 JPY per night, including indoor onsens that vary in some of the rooms. The location of Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan is accessible by rides coming from Nagoya. Takayama is currently a place restricted for traveling due to the coronavirus, but tourists are welcome to plan their activities once border restrictions are lifted.


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  • Website: ssl.honjinhiranoya.com
  • Email: yoyaku@honjinhiranoya.com
  • Address: Japan, 〒506-0011 Gifu, Takayama, Honmachi, 1 Chome−34



Kuroshio Honjin

Total rating: 4.5
Beautiful location, excellent onsen and food
We stayed here for two nights in this beautiful location. The indoor bath is fed with hotspring water that softens the skin, while the outdoor rotemburo with its heated seawater is an experience. The food is excellent - we never enjoyed bonito of such high quality. A recommendation for reaching the place: we went by train to Susaki where we had reserved a car from Eki-Rent-a car. A slight disappointment on checking out: for a 1-hour later the charge would be 2200 Yen. Despite this: highly, highly recommended.

World class location!
We stayed one night in this fantastically located onsen-ryokan. Location is high on a cliff overlooking a bay towards the Pacific Ocean. We had the fantastic view both from our room (in the main building) and from the indoor as well as the outdoor onsen. Beautiful!! The indoor onsen is warm freshwater and the outside is warm saltwater and a small pond with cold freshwater. There is also a sauna. Excellent experience which I totally recommend. Our room was very nice with enough space for 4 including luggage. We also had our own mini-onsen overlooking the Pacific! However, there is room for improvement: - Staff seemed to try to keep us away from their neighbors, the small restaurant serving excellent tataki. Not a sympathetic trait... - We were provided one (n=1) medium sized towel each for the whole stay. That is not a lot, if you bathe all the time and for example have long hair. - In the room, we had one small towel in the bathroom for us all to dry our hands. It got soaked very quickly. - There was no complimentary water provided, neither in the room nor in the onsen. Especially in the onsen there ought to be a possibility to drink water, as you lose a lot of liquid due to the heat. - There were 3 massage chairs, but you had to pay to use them!!! So they were left unused. I find this quite tight-fisted. Either you provide this service to costumers or you don’t. You should not charge a few yen for a massage chair? - At places in the onsen the wood was quite damaged, which gives a slovenly impression. Suggest to renovate this. The food was good, I have provided review elsewhere. In conclusion, we totally loved this place, which we can highly recommend. It’s a world class view!

Stunning Inn & Food
After six days sampling the Shikoku Henro pilgrimage, we traveled to Kure for two night's recovery. Met at the station by the inn's driver, we were immediately aware that this was going to be more than recovery. Kuroshio Honjin provides a level of comfort and friendly service beyond anything we had experienced at previous ryokans. The onsen facilities are incredible - both internal and external with fantastic views out over the Pacific. But the most amazing thing about Kuroshio Honjin is the food, which is Michelin star-worthy

Exceptional hot spring resort hotel in Japan Kochi Perfecture
This hotel is a perfect place if you like to avoid from hustle and bustle. Quietly and solitarily located at Kochi Prefecture, found at a peak facing Pacific-ocean panoramically! Traditional Japanese architecture, the interior design and decoration bring you back to old time Japan. The furniture, the teapot set, the clock, the tea table and the closet and so many other details you get in your room and the hotel concourse are pieces of arts. As this hotel is being so attentive to every detail, the food quality speaks for itself too! Our room is 305 which is very good one which you can enjoy the panoramic view of Pacific Ocean at the balcony. Sea breeze and the sound of mother natural makes you calm and forget temporarily "work"! Very spacious and you won't have any problems with doing your odds and ends. This hotel offers hot spring indoor/outdoor in a separate floor, but the bath tub in my room can be easily become a private hot spring, again Pacific Ocean view! Staff is very professional, exquisite , polite and very helpful in all aspects. My wife and I did not speak Japanese, no problem at all as several staff can manage English communication. Every staff there as far as we see are willing to help their guests for any enquires. This hotel offers pick up service at nearby JR station, a courtesy van is available to drive their guests to the nearby downtown, to see few sight seeing. Lastly we would like to take this opportunity to give our credit and gratitude to Ms. Komatsu and the driver who picked us up at the train station. Komatsu took great care of our visit all the way through from email enquiry at the very beginning to the reception at the hotel, they make us fall in love with Koch and this hotel Highly recommend this hotel for any travelers who love traditional beauty and culture of Japan, the people of Japan just so wonderful and admirable!

avatarRandy E C
Sushi Time
Kennesaw best sushi bar. Fresh food great prices. Very clean family friendly place to eat. We had a good meal with family in a super restaurant. It will be a sure place to revisit when in this area. Thanks for the memories.

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