Kyoto Yunohana Resort Suisen, Kameoka Yunohana

Kyoto Yunohana Resort Suisen is an accommodation located in a city in the Kyoto Prefecture known as Kameoka. The onsen resort is a hidden treasure that is guarded by a clean environment and pristine nature. Guests who stay here enjoy the scenery and calmness of the surroundings. Staying at Suisen makes one experience total relaxation and worry-free activities, all while being immersed in Japanese culture.

The rooms of Kyoto Yunohana Resort Suisen are designed based on the traditional Japanese style with complete tatami mat flooring and a classic cultural aesthetic. It also features rooms with a combination of styles coming from Japanese and Western influences. The resort, however, prides itself more on its Japanese-style rooms. The resort has a total of 13 rooms, which cost around 40,000 to 80,000 JPY per night, with some of the rooms including a private open-air hot spring bath.

Kyoto Yunohana Resort Suisen takes pride in its large public baths with water sources coming from natural hot springs of the Kameoka area. These can be enjoyed by men and women guests separately as there is a segregation policy. There is also a rental open-air rock bath for private use and a spa that offers massages and treatments of relaxation. The inn also provides guests the traditional kaiseki dinner with their dishes sourced locally in Japan.

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Yunohana Ryokan is near to natural sceneries where guests can experience a boat ride in the Hozugawa River. The resort can be reached by bus from the Kyoto Station. The resort has currently implemented sanitation in its guest rooms and public areas. The number of people allowed has also been limited in their public baths. Guests are also encouraged to practice social distancing, hand washing, and the wearing of masks.

Address: Japan, 〒621-0034 Kyoto, Kameoka, ひえ田野町芦ノ山イノシリ6-3

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