Sumiya Ryokan is a traditional inn located in Nakagyo and is considered to be one of the best ryokans in Kyoto. It has a long history of business that totals to a hundred years. It was founded during the Taisho period. The inn provides guests a place to stay and encourages them to experience the Japanese tea ceremony. As a matter of fact, the place is not far from the Maikoya tea house, which is the best-rated tea house in Kyoto.

Sumiya Ryokan

Sumiya Ryokan, Yibin Yang

Sumiya Ryokan has a very unique and exclusive style of the traditional ryokan. Their accommodation provides guests their need to fully immerse themselves in Japanese culture. Travelers can not only take a glimpse but can practice and experience the country’s way of life. Moreover, the ryokan has the ultimate authentic atmosphere and essence of traditional Japan.

Upon entering the inn, guests can see an inner courtyard with a beautiful traditional garden. Across the garden is an authentic Japanese restaurant that serves the kaiseki course meal, which is the classic multi-course Japanese dinner, paired with fresh vegetables that are varied depending on the season.

Sumiya Ryokan Kyoto

Sumiya Ryokan Kyoto, William Odom

This ryokan is famous for its tea rooms. Its guests can try to make, serve, and drink Japanese tea. This service is a combo of an amazing world of “O-cha” Japanese tea and its techniques and customs. Guests can improve the taste of the tea itself and increase the level of enjoyment. They can always try matcha green tea in the tea room.


Sumiya Ryokan Amenities

Sumiya Ryokan

Sumiya Ryokan, 上村啓太

Sumiya Ryokan offers quality accommodation and friendly customer service to its guests. Their rooms are spacious and display the feel of a classic Japanese inn. The ryokan has its rooms equipped with tatami mat flooring made of traditionally woven material, and comfortable futon bedding for a more authentic experience.

The ryokan takes pride in its iconic communal bath that can be enjoyed and tried both by the usual visitors and newcomers. Inexperienced guests are especially encouraged to try. The inn also offers a spa for the traveler’s relaxation and health benefits. Sumiya Ryokan invites guests to dine and is welcome to make themselves full with kaiseki, the traditional multi-course Japanese meal.


Sumiya Ryokan Facilities


Room equipment

✓ Japanese Style

✓ Private Bath

✓ Toilet

✓ Towels

✓ Refrigerator

✓ Air-conditioned

✓ Room service


✓ Dinner and Breakfast

✓ Breakfast only (available)

✓ No Meal (available)

✓ Special Meal (request)

✓ Vegetarian Meals

✓ Western-style Breakfast

✓ Dinner Served (in room)

✓ Breakfast Served (in room)

Hotel services

✓ Free Wi-Fi

✓ Parking Paid

✓ Great service

✓ Great location

✓ Non-smoking hotel

✓ Single Guests

✓ Children under 12 Years allowed

✓ Credit Card

✓ Near: restaurants and shops

✓ Rooms suites


Sumiya Ryokan Cost 

The starting range of accommodation is around ¥30,000 per person in the low season. During the busy season, however, the cost can increase up to ¥60,000 per person.


Sumiya Ryokan Video


Sumiya Ryokan Reviews

Based on the reviews of the Sumiya Ryokan, guests are delighted with the level of service quality. For example, a lot of tourists highlighted the friendly staff and the comfortable facilities of the ryokan, which made their stay feel awesome. The location of the ryokan was also commended for its convenience, as it was near to sites guests wanted to visit.


Sumiya Ryokan Location 

Sumiya Ryokan is situated in the heart of the main sightseeing spots, in Nakagyo district. You can enjoy your stay at Sumiya Ryokan because the top landmarks of Kyoto are just nearby. For instance, you can walk around Nishiki Market Shopping District (470 m) or visit Gion (970 m). The unique 1928 Bldg. is a short distance from the ryokan (70m). It has everything that makes itself qualified to be one of the best ryokans in Kyoto.


Sumiya Ryokan

Address: 431 31 Shirakabecho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8076, Japan (map)


Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +81752212188


During your amazing stay in Sumiya Ryokan, don’t forget to visit the outstanding tea ceremonies in KyotoIf you want to have an unforgettable tea ceremony experience, then you should definitely visit Maikoya Kyoto Kimono Tea Ceremony

Sumiya Ryokan

Total rating: 4
avatarmeiki w
Highlight of the trip!
I did a day trip here with my fiance, which includes an amazing 6 course lunch, 45 mins to your own private onsen, and access to the communal onsens. We booked/ pay in advance through their website, super easy. The package even includes a pick up /drop off from the nearby train station. The staff here is super friendly and thoughtful every step of the way. We were well taken care of the whole time there. I wish I asked what our host name was, she was exceptional. Ur experience would be incomplete without her kind and genuine hospitality. She went above and beyond to make our time here memorable. I highly recommend this onsen, as you’ll be guarantee to get an experience like no other. You also have the option to stay overnight, if a day trip is too short. Its not too difficult nor far to get here from Kyoto.

Great visit.
Wonderful place. Very friendly!! Free shuttle from train station and very responsive on email and phone. Food was excellent and lots of extra information so easy to understand everything. A bit far from Kyoto if that is important.

Amazing Stay in Sumiya Ryokan Kyoto
I will strongly recommend the SUMIYA RYOKAN in Kyoto . Very good location - close to Nishiki market - spacious room with big and confortable bed - very lovely and professional Team . Very good breakfast. I will come back to this « Zen Temple

avatarEmily F
Elegant cultural experience
The staff provided superior service for a luxurious stay. Sumiya Ryokan is traditional and will provide an introduction to a true Japanese Ryokan experience. The staff included English speakers, who helped introduce us to our room and Ryokan culture. We were greeted with our slippers, yukatas, and a green tea service. The staff also drew a hot bath. The reservation includes breakfast and dinner for each night of stay. The in room kiseiki, 10 course meal, was made with the freshest of ingredients. We chose the Japanese breakfast both days, however a western option is available. I was concerned the futon beds would be uncomfortable, but my mom and I were pleasantly surprised with the quality of our sleep. The location allowed easy access to bus and train lines, was walkable to Nishiki markets and Gion. The staff also called taxis for us to travel to farther locations. Sumiya provided a fantastic introduction to a traditional and historic family run Ryokan.

Best Ryokan in Kyoto!
This is by far the most hospitable Ryokan! It is a family business and it is now in its 7th generation. The hosts were very friendly, spoke conversational English, helped me as much as they can including standing outside the Ryokan and hailing a cab for us in winter because our bags were too heavy. The breakfast and dinner were excellent!

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