Samurai in Armour

Three men dressed as Samurai warriors in full traditional armor, holding longbows.


A man in an elaborate robe and apron, holding two swords.

Japanese Tattoo

View of a nude man from the back, with a red and blue tattoo covering his back and arms. He is leaning on a wooden fence.


Two women being pulled in a rickshaw by a man wearing a straw hat.

Geisha House

Two story building with several women standing on the upstairs balcony and a few men standing outside the front door. A sign over the front door reads “Nectarine/ No. 9”.

Weaving Silk

A woman operates a loom with foot pedals while another woman looks on.

Young Woman with Fan

Three-quarter length portrait of a young woman holding a fan with elaborate combs and flowers in her hair.

Dressing Obi

A woman kneeling behind another woman, arranging her obi (sash).


Two sumo wrestlers, wearing loincloths and crouching before a match, with a robed official standing behind them.

Freight cart

Two men pulling and two men pushing a cart filled with large bales of hay.

Umbrella Maker

An umbrella maker sits on a low stool, applying paper to the ribs of an umbrella. Other umbrellas at various stages of assembly are around him.

Happy New Year

Two people bowing towards each other. A boy stands to one side, carrying a large package.

Hair Dressing in Japanese Style

A man seated on the floor with another man standing behind him, arranging his hair.

Pilgrim Going Up Fujiyama

Portrait of a man wearing a broad hat, and traveling clothes, holding a walking stick, in front of a studio backdrop of Mt. Fuji.

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