Bike tours in NORTH Kyoto

Get a little exercise and check out the sites of Northern Kyoto, see the Golden Pavillion, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine and enjoy a great lunch!

cycle in kyoto

Starting at our office near Kyoto station, our first stop will be Nishi Honganji Temple, (which we will enter), followed by Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (which we will also enter!). Following these sites, we will arrive at  the stunning Golden Pavilion, which we will spend about 20 minutes exploring. Next, we head for lunch (included) and the Imperial Palace, before following the gentle downhill path towards Gion. From Gion, we will weave through the backstreets and learn about the area’s background until crossing over the Kamo river and heading home.

cycle in kyoto

Cycle Kyoto HQ

Honganji Temple

Kitano Tenmangu

Golden Pavilion

Imperial Palace

Lunch (included)

Heian Shrine (optional)

Kamo River


cycle in kyoto
cycle in kyoto
cycle in kyoto
cycle in kyoto

Our bikes are 18 and 21 speed cross bikes made by ‘Giant’ and ‘Trek’ like those pictures above. We spend a lot of time keeping our bikes in good order and we think they are the best and smoothest available on any tour anywhere in Japan.

We also have a selection of smaller city bikes and kids bikes (good for kids from 130cm). We can also source ladies bikes, electric bikes, or bikes with kids seats if required. If you wish to use such bikes, please give us plenty of notice to allow us the time to organise it.

Another option for those travelling with kids is our kids trailer (pictured below). Available for a surcharge of 2500 yen, this attaches to an adult bike to create the full 5 star experience for your little one.

cycle in kyoto
Riding in the rain is neither fun nor safe (trust us). Please help us by keeping an eye on email when the skies are grey. We will always do our best to get out on the bikes and we will always refund you in case of cancellation, but please make sure you are contactable.

The activity will be cancelled if the previous day’s weather forecast (Japan Meteorological Agency) says the chance of rain is more than 60%. We will inform you by email by 7pm the evening before departure so please be sure to check your mail the night before the tour. If you have any questions, please get in touch!


About Cycle Kyoto

With over 2,000 temples and shrines and no less than 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, deciding where to go and what to do in this city can be a tough job, and that is where we come in. We organise small group bike tours in Kyoto, can offer tours and support in English, French, Spanish and/or Japanese.

We are convinced that considerate people, unique neighbourhoods and delicious street food makes Kyoto one of the best cities in the world to explore on two wheels. We are also convinced that our bike rides will keep you safe, informed and entertained as you pedal the streets of Japan’s ancient capital.

We know that hitting the major sites is a must on any trip, but travelling around Kyoto by bus, train and taxi can mean missing out on real life of the city. Cycling lets you take in narrow alleys, riverside paths, street side fruit vendors and all manner of unexpected photo opportunities!

We think you’re really gonna love it! XX



  • English Guidance
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Water
  • Lunch