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For over a thousand years the Japanese have practiced the art form of growing trees in small containers known as bonsai. The trees are maintained to appear fully mature but in miniature. Unlike other plants that are grown for medicine or food, the bonsai is cultivated for the pleasure it brings to the person tending the tree or for those who enjoy looking at the small versions of trees or bushes. The Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese also have art forms similar to bonsai. For English speaking gardeners bonsai has come to mean all types of miniature trees in containers. Bonsai came from China and was brought to Japan by members of the royal court and Buddhist students. Before any planting, the end result must be considered. Although bonsai can grow from any number of trees, shrubs or bushes, it is important to choose species that will look attractive when confined to a small container or tray.

Pruning of the roots and crown are techniques used to keep the tree small and to restrict growth. Bonsai cultivation and display requires following traditional standards. Most bonsai are limited to a small size, but some, known as the Imperial bonsai can grow up to two meters tall. Japanese bonsai are outdoor trees, and you will never find them inside. As you tour Osaka and the rest of Japan look for bonsai art in public places and exhibitions.

• Bonsai the art form originated in China

• Bonsai should look like full grown trees

• Imperial bonsai can be two meters tall.

• Bonsai are displayed out doors

Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art that dates back over a thousand years. Trees are cultivated in a manner to allow them to look full grown but in a miniature version. There are bonsai to be admired in many outdoor public places across the country. In Japan, bonsai are not found indoors, only outside. When you visit the Maikoya Osaka, you will have the opportunity to learn about the trees in an interesting and informative lecture presented by a Japanese culture expert who has studied the art form extensively. In the hour long class both the facts and the theory behind the aesthetic rules are explained. You will experience the meditative quality of the bonsai as you consider the meaning of the work. The Maikoya Osaka has an excellent collection of bonsai for you to enjoy. After the lecture, you can have a photo taken with one of the amazing trees to help you remember the occasion and to share with your friends and family. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you will find the educational talk to be fascinating as you discover the rich history behind the bonsai seen today. Bonsai require patience and consistency from the artist. Once you know the facts about the trees, you will gain a new appreciation for bonsai and the people who create them.

• Visit Osaka and enjoy a lecture on bonsai

• Hour long lecture presented by bonsai practitioner

• Enjoy the beauty of the bonsai at Maikoya Osaka

• Have your photo taken to share with friends and family

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