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massage in tokyo

Combining Japanese Shiatsu Massage with Chiropractic Adjustment

The combination of Japanese Shiatsu with chiropractic adjustment is most popular course at our salon.

The goal of this special massage combination, also known as spinal manipulation, is to improve spinal movement and your body’s physical function.

We aim to balance the whole body and improve both posture and figure.

However, direct/sudden chiropractic adjustments without massage often cause stress to the body. We do not recommend chiropractic adjustments without massage.

People often receive direct adjustment while muscles are still stiff and haven’t been loosened up. This can result in the body rejecting the treatment and being ineffective. It is important for the body and muscles to be relaxed. Therefore, in our course, we first relieve your stiff muscles with comfortable Shiatsu massage and then, when relaxed, we adjust your skeletal alignment. We also provide effective stretching to improve flexibility and relieve pressure on the joints. It is important to note that by incorporating Shiatsu massage into chiropractic techniques, we can provide a holistic approach that does not cause stress on the body.

Stiff and tight muscles transfer stress to the body’s skeletal structure.

By incorporating Shiatsu massage that relaxes tight muscles, chiropractic techniques become easier and more effective. You can get the benefit of both relaxing Shiatsu massage and get treatments targeting any misalignment problems.

We believe this is the best, safest and most appropriate way to perform chiropractic manipulation. You will surely feel the benefits of your realigned spine after treatment and enjoy the freedom from any tension!

The combination Shiatsu/chiropractic massage is effective in maintaining a longer lasting therapeutic effect as well. The reason for this is that even if the muscles are relaxed using only massage, the skeleton to which the muscles are attached remain misaligned. Therefore, the muscles will be immediately strained by the misalignment and become stiff again. Using only massage in misaligned body will not have a lasting effect.

For those who are averse to cracking, we have implemented a soft method that does not require cracking. For those who are apprehensive about chiropractic manipulation we can offer a more relaxing experience.

We also provide advice on how to extend the benefits of our massage and how to prevent the recurrence of symptoms and how to maintain in the correct posture after treatment.

This combination technique is rare outside Japan. So, we encourage you to take the opportunity to experience this at our salon when you come to Japan!

massage in tokyo

Recommended ⇒ For those who are worried about body misalignment, and want to relieve conditions such as back pain, a stiff neck and shoulder, headache, sciatica, and knee pain, as well as for those seeking to enhance sports performance, and improve general flexibility and poor posture.

Please feel free to contact us. Pregnancy massage is also available!

Please make a reservation individually!

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