KITANO ODORI 2020 Geisha Show Tickets

2020  Kitano Odori has been postponed. Please email us instead of make reervation from this page.

For geisha shows and geisha experiences that are held EVERYDAY please check: Gion Geisha Show & Experience


*This Geisha Show ticket price is ¥8800. The ticket fee includes the geisha show performance AND Guided Gion Walking Tour.


  • The annual geisha dance show is a century-old tradition which was launched in 1952.
  • Watching so many geisha (geiko) and maiko in various costumes on the stage makes this event a spectacular cultural experience. The geisha show is also a great opportunity to shoot memorable pictures.
  • The geisha (geiko) performance will  be held at the historic  theater
  • The ensemble consists of the dance performance of the Gion-district geisha. Gion district is considered to be the most prestigious geisha neighborhood.
  • The geisha show  lasts 1 hour.
  • We recommend double checking your show time and coming to the venue 20 minutes early.
  • You will pick your tickets at the Gion Geisha Show & Experience Maikoya
  • The walking tour is held separately and it lasts for 45 minutes.
  • The Gion walking tour is held at 2:30 and 4:30 everyday. The departure point for the walking tour is Gion Geisha Show & Experience Maikoya. You can join any walking tour on any day, by showing your digital voucher (the email you receive after reserving for this show).
  • These tickets are hard to get and thus they are nonrefundable. Please make sure you can attend the show before you make the reservation.

To be able to watch this popular geisha show in Kyoto is a dream come true of a geisha fan or anyone who is interested in the culture and history of Japan. In this unique event, the geisha (geiko) and apprentice geisha (maiko) will perform various dances to depict the well-known Japanese novel "the tale of Genji." The locals in Kyoto consider this event to be the the beginning of the exciting Spring season. There are multiple geisha dance events in Kyoto, but, locals prefer attending this special performance because the Gion geisha district is considered to be special


Finally, the district of Kamishichiken (上七軒) is located in the northwest part of the city, far removed from the eastern area of the other four. It is also quite small, but its long history has kept it alive and well. Their yearly showcase takes place earliest in the year in March and is known as the Kitano Odori (北野をどり), meaning “Dances of The Kitano Shrine.” This is referring to the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (北野天満宮) which had Kamishichiken built around it. The Kamishichiken style of dance is also related up tempo kabuki and is a great way to start off the cherry blossom season. The symbol of Kamishichiken is two sets of skewers with five dango on them that are slightly crossed over one another.
Gion walking tour 2 Gion walking tour by Maikoya

Gion walking tour 3 Gion walking tour by Maikoya