PRIVATE Gluten Free Cooking Experience Osaka

A visit to the Maikoya Osaka provides a variety of opportunities to participate in authentic Japanese traditions. The cooking classes are extremely popular. Choose from making a meal, street foods or desserts. The experience begins with a shopping trip to a Japanese gourmet grocery that specializes in gluten free foods. An experienced Japanese cook will guide you through the store explaining the foods that will be needed for the class. Traditional noodles are often made from wheat. However, there are perfectly delicious alternatives such as soba noodles which are made from buckwheat which contains no gluten or glass noodles made from potatoes. Your instructor will explain the history behind the meals and the ingredients required. Osaka is said to be the culinary capital of Japan. The emphasis is on fresh and seasonal. There are so many foods that are naturally gluten free you will not miss the few you cannot enjoy.

• Guided tour of a Japanese gourmet grocery

• Huge selection of gluten free foods

• Learn how to select the best meat or fish

• Discover gluten free alternatives

Almost any dish in Osaka can be made with gluten free foods.

Gluten Free Cooking Experience

Before making a reservation please check with Maikoya Osaka. Our gluten-free cafe is a good alternative. The Maikoya Osaka cultural center offers a variety of authentic Japanese activities and events. The cooking classes are popular with all ages. You will wear a traditional kimono when you enter the authentic Japanese kitchen. An experienced cook will explain Japanese cooking techniques and tips for making cooking easier. Food from the gourmet grocery will be cooked according to Japanese tradition. You will discover the history of certain foods and dishes. Cooking classes are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture. A variety of cultural activities such as cooking classes are waiting for residents and visitors. When you are in Osaka, make sure you visit the Maikoya Osaka.

• Children 6 and up only, please

• Photos can be taken throughout the class

• A unique cultural experience

• Enjoy the delicious food you cook


  • all the ingredients
  • kimono costume

Maikoya Osaka

Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya is a leading cultural experience provider in Japan and the only tea ceremony experience that has received TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020.
Learning about the traditions and practices of the country through our immersive cultural workshops and activities will surely give you a new perspective about the intricacies of the history and society in Japan.
Join us at Maikoya Osaka as we guide you through Japan's traditional arts and history! Our friendly staff and hosts are fluent in English, and Japanese and will make sure you have the best experiences and opportunities.

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