PRIVATE Halal Takoyaki Cooking Experience in Osaka

The Maikoya Osaka offers traditional Japanese activities and events for visitors, residents and also large groups . The cooking classes are extremely popular, especially for those who prefer Halal cooking ingredients. Now you can have the authentic experience when you visit Osaka. An experienced Japanese cook and instructor will lead you on a journey to Halal cooking. Your guide will teach you what foods go together to make a meal. You will learn the customs and culture associated with different foods and shopping for food. There are changes required to some Japanese dishes that are necessary for them to be permissible. The instructor will explain what condiments, sauces or seasonings pair with the food. Learning how to cook Halal Japanese food is fun and easy with the help of an expert cook. A male or female instructor is available upon request.

• Ingredients from a Halal gourmet grocery in Osaka.

• Discover the history behind traditional Japanese foods.

• Find out what extras go with the dishes

• Learn how to choose the freshest ingredients.

Most Japanese meals can be adapted to follow Halal rules. Substitutions for pork can be made, or vegetarian options exist. Miso can be found with no alcohol.

Halal Japanese Cooking Class

A prayer room may be available upon request. The cooking class is taught in a traditional Japanese kitchen. You will learn the history of the food and the dishes you will make. The teacher will help you to make necessary changes to traditional Japanese meals including discussion of substitutions. Learn how to cook authentic Japanese dishes. Your instructor will teach you techniques and tips for making cooking easier without sacrificing flavor. When the cooking is done, it is time to sample your creations. A variety of cooking classes await. The Halal Japanese Cooking Class and other cultural experiences are waiting at the Maikoya Osaka.

• Experience the traditional Japanese kitchen

• Learn the history behind the dishes

• Halal food cooking rules are strictly followed

• Enjoy the authentic Japanese food you make


  • all the ingredients
  • kimono costume

Maikoya Osaka

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