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Kyoto is known for its mouth-watering cuisine. Whether you dine in a restaurant or make a meal of Japanese street food musubi is one tasty treat you will not want to miss. Musubi is one of the most popular street foods in Kyoto. Also known as onigiri, the snack is a favorite of visitors and residents. Musubi has a long history. Before the widespread use of chopsticks, methods were devised to make holding and eating rice easier. In the Nara period (710 -794 AD), rice was formed into round and rectangular forms to facilitate holding and eating the snack. The delicious treat is prepared with the rice holding the savory mix and then wrapped in nori. Some cooks mix the ingredients with the rice, but this is not traditional musubi. Kyoto offers many delights. When you visit try the local specialties including musubi should be at the top of your list for things to do in Kyoto.

Musubi is made with rice, oyster sauce, soy sauce, meat, and nori.

• Musubi is a taste tempting snack food.

• The rice based food dates back to 700 AD.

• Musubi is wrapped with nori, cultivated in sheet form.

• In Hawaii Spam musubi is popular.


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