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The word kimono is Japanese for “thing to wear’ and came into use to differentiate between Japanese styles of clothing and outfits worn in the west. A kimono is a type of clothing worn primarily by women in Japan. It is ‘T’ shaped ankle-length with wide sleeves. The outer garment does not come in sizes, but there are different styles for women/girls and men/boys. At the Maikoya Osaka, you will learn the proper way to wear the Japanese robe. Kimonos are complicated to put on and require assistance when dressing. The robe is wrapped around the body and tied at the waist in back with a sash called an obi. Kimonos range from the extremely formal for events such as weddings to the casual version for routine activities. The kimono originated as an undergarment from China, and the formal version dates back to 14th century Japan. The robes are made in an array of colors and designs to match the seasons and the occasion. A young Maiko will wear a kimono with bright colors, and intricate patterns whereas an older Maiko will dress in a more subdued palette. Kimonos for men are much simpler than those designed for women, especially the tying of the obi. When you visit Maikoya Osaka, you can experience wearing a Japanese kimono. Included are special photography options for selfies or professional pictures. If you enjoy anime, you may choose a costume for a character from television.

• The staff at Maikoya Osaka will teach you how to dress in a kimono.

• Learn about the history of the garment.

• A unique experience of wearing a kimono.

• Photographs will give you mementos to share.


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