SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM KYOTO With Experience - Basic Ticket

A unique ninja experience in Tokyo. This activity includes the free tour of the Tokyo Samurai Museum with Experience, wearing a samurai outfit, throwing ninja stars, using a blow gun like a ninja and throwing chopsticks.
Note: The content of this experience is the same as the family friendly version of ninja training. If you are interested in advanced activities, we recommend reserving this experience and the samurai sword cutting experience with real sword together.

Ninja training in Tokyo

It lasts approximately 90 minutes

All of these activities are included in this package without additional fees.

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Wear a full ninja outfit

kyoto ninja experience
Experience the museum in style by wearing a full ninja outfit before you start on your tour! Our ninja attire comes in all sizes, suitable for both children and adults. Each set includes a jacket or top, arm guards, a belt, loose-fitting pants, and a headband.
Don't forget to take pictures of your experience!
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Learn the secrets of ninja

You will learn about the ninja in Japan's history and what kind of weapons and tools they used for their covert missions.
ninja training in Kyoto
Ninja training lesson in Kyoto
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Ninja star throwing competition

ninja star - shuriken
ninja star shuriken
Learn how to throw ninja stars. After some practice, participate in our renowned Ninja competition. Put your targeting skills to the test with enjoyable activities such as shuriken throwing! Engage in a friendly competition with friends and family during the training session.
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Use a Ninja blowgun

Your adventure will also include the use of ninja blowguns, also known as fukiya, commonly referred to as darts! Engage in friendly competition within your group during target practice games too.
Ninja blowgun
ninja blowgun
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Samurai Ninja Museum Tour

Embark on an engaging tour that offers a wealth of trivia and captivating insights into Japanese history and culture. Explore the samurai and ninja exhibits with our knowledgeable guide, who will share not only technical details but also enchanting stories embedded in the items' past lives. Feel free to inquire about the displays, delving into the histories of samurais and ninjas, including their origins.

The tours are available in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
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Samurai experience - Samurai armor trial -

Samurai armor costume trial
samurai costume
Experience the opportunity to dress up like a samurai family during your visit. Don full samurai armor for memorable souvenir pictures. Our armor sets are available in unisex styles and a range of sizes to accommodate everyone, including children. Additionally, you'll have the chance to choose from a selection of diverse replica swords for an added touch to your experience.
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Samurai Sword Show Demonstration (Held irregularly)

kyoto samurai show

Witness a captivating sword demonstration by a sword master with a lineage traced back to the samurai! Here, you’ll get to admire the graceful and deadly dance performed by the samurai during battles and practices. You may also catch a recreational performance that depicts a thrilling fight scene involving samurais and ninjas.

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You don’t have to worry if you need to cancel or postpone your appointment with us. Changing your mind is as quick and easy as making a reservation, so there’s no need to permanently commit to your schedule! Our excellent staff will be sure to accommodate any last-minute changes.

ninja facts

In many areas of the world, the word Ninja has come to mean black clothed mysterious beings that can perform superhuman feats. Popular movies and television are largely responsible for the attire, but Ninja legends are a part of history in Japan. Folklore portrays Ninja as possessing supernatural powers that allowed them to fly, become invisible, walk on water, and shapeshift. Ninjas could accomplish these extraordinary acts because they had mastered control over the elements of nature. Though there are numerous folk tales and stories, it is rare to find historical records. What accounts do exist state Ninja was born into the profession. Secrets and traditions were passed from generation to generation. Starting at an early age children were trained in the ways of the Ninja including martial arts, climbing buildings, avoiding detection, diversions, and how to use a variety of weapons. Misguided efforts to connect Samurai and Ninja likely stem from the fact that both are born into their profession and begin training within the family at an early age. Samurai observed a code of honor and a strict set of rules. Ninja did not have a code and employed disguise and secrecy to carry out their duties. The masters of deception were often mercenaries hired to perform covert acts. Ninja used a wide assortment of skills to carry out their assignments which included infiltrating groups or areas, espionage, guerilla warfare, and assassinations. The primary tool of the Ninja was disguise. Often the Ninja would dress as a peasant farmer or woodcutter. Disguised as a common worker Ninja could slip into almost any town or village.  Ninja were trained to use their skills of stealth instead of engaging in open fighting.

  • Ninja manuals focused on avoiding detection and how to escape if captured.
  • Blowguns, poison darts, and blinding powder were just a few of the Ninja weapons.
  • Ninja ate vegetarian diets to avoid having body odor.

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Ninja Experience in Tokyo

Ninjas have long been a captivating subject in Japanese folklore, as well as in popular books and media. Born into this clandestine profession, Ninjas underwent training in the arts of deception and manipulation of nature from an early age. Their education included physical training, martial arts, and climbing techniques essential for infiltrating castles. Some even believed that Ninjas possessed extraordinary abilities such as walking on water, becoming invisible, and even flying. The allure of becoming a Ninja is now within reach, as you can experience this mysterious world by visiting the  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM in Japan.


Whether you are a resident or a visitor, the  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM offers a delightful journey into the realm of the Ninja. Explore the history of Ninjas in Japan and gain insights into the weapons and tools they utilized for covert missions. Your transformation into a Ninja commences with the assistance of trained staff, guiding you in choosing and donning traditional attire for an immersive experience. With an authentic backdrop for your photos, you'll seemingly step out of Japanese folklore, creating wonderful souvenirs to share with family and friends.


A trip to Tokyo would be incomplete without a visit to the  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM. Here, you'll unravel the rich traditions of Japan and savor the fresh seasonal delicacies served at the cultural center, completing your immersive cultural experience.


The total length of the ninja lesson is about 30~40 minutes. Then there are other tours and experiences included in your ticket. In total you are likely to spend about 90 minutes in our venue.

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About Samurai & Ninja tour

Explore our extensive collection of ancient artifacts, featuring historical samurai swords and ninja weapons from feudal Japan. Experience up-close views of remarkable replicas inspired by the Sengoku Period up to the Tokugawa Shogunate, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship and history of these iconic weapons.

Samurai armor exhibits

Japan's largest experimental museum, the  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM, provides distinctive opportunities for visitors to explore medieval exhibits. You can immerse yourself in the historical atmosphere by touring the displays while adorned in a kimono, yukata, or samurai armor—suitable attire for the time period you'll be discovering. Additionally, the museum offers authentic Japanese tea ceremonies and Zen meditation workshops, catering to both individuals and groups. Tokyo Samurai Museum with Experience tour is available all year-round in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

While the true ninjas of ancient Japan may no longer exist in contemporary society, the tales and legends of their exploits endure. Immerse yourself in the world of these covert agents by participating in guided tours led by our knowledgeable staff at the Tokyo Samurai Museum with Experience!
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Each room and exhibit within the  TOKYO SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM is crafted in the aesthetic of the Sengoku Period, also recognized as the Warring States Period in Japan. This historical epoch marked a period when samurai wielded considerable influence in the country's political landscape, eventually leading to the reunification of Japan. Joining us on this adventure will transport you, along with your friends and family, into a contemporary portrayal of the legendary warriors from ancient times.

Samurai & Ninja Tokyo also organizes its activities beyond the museum upon request. Simply get in touch with us, and we'll coordinate with our affiliated dojos! Don't miss the opportunity to explore the museum gift shop for a memento. For avid collectors, there are antique samurai swords and armor available for purchase, along with ninja tabi socks.



Not Included

  • Transportation
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Advanced and complicated body movements


SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM TOKYO with Experience is one of the leading samurai museums in Japan, with a wide range of displays from all throughout Japan’s rich history. We are the only experience-based samurai museum that specializes in providing in-depth and immersive activities that provide our visitors with new perspectives on Japanese history. We have displays ranging from armors and weapons of the great samurai warriors and the mystical ninjas to everyday tools and artifacts from medieval and ancient Japan. Our souvenir gift shop features replica swords, tabi socks, and tabi shoes. We provide guided tours every day, lead by friendly staff who are fluent in English and Japanese. Join us as you explore the glorious history of the legendary samurais and the mysterious ninjas!

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