Owl Cafe Experience in Kyoto

Enjoy the unique activities at the Owl Cafe. Japan has been a leader in animal themed cafes. The establishments featuring owls are in particular demand. Residents or visitors can enjoy watching the owls on display. Customers are encouraged to interact with them. The sessions with the owls last for about an hour. First, you will be given explicit directions on how to handle the birds and told to gently pet them only on the head or back using the back of your hand. The owls will sit on your shoulder or even on the top of your head. You will be allowed to have your picture taken with an owl to remember the unique experience and to share with family and friends. The cafe is set up to have a new group of people come in every hour on the hour. The chance to see and touch an owl is rare indeed. Owls are wild birds, and usually, people only see them from a distance, or in an aviary or zoo. Fortunately, the Owl Café makes it possible to enjoy the owls up close. The Owl Café at the Maikoya Kyoto is the best place to visit the owls. If you plan to see different areas of Japan, there are Owl Cafes in other cities including Tokyo where you will find Akiba Fukurou, Fukuro No Mise, Ikefukurou Cafe, Tori No Iru Cafe Kiba, and Owl No Mori. In Shinjuku, you will find the Owl Café Mohumohu. Visit the Owl Village in Harajuku. Make sure you do not pass by the opportunity to experience the Owl Cafes.

• Meet owls at the Owl Cafe in the Maikoya Kyoto

• All kinds of owls

• Have your picture taken with an owl

• A unique opportunity to hold and pet owls

Japan has been at the forefront of creating unusual restaurants. Theme oriented establishments continue to be popular. The interest in cafes that offer the chance to cuddle with creatures is a growing trend in Kyoto and across Japan. There are a variety of animal cafes with the opportunity to spend time with owls, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and even reptiles. Homes are smaller than ever, and many people do not have the space to share with a pet. People are often busy and lack time to care for an animal. The cafes provide a haven for people craving time to spend with temporary pets. Residents enjoy the convenience of having nearby animal themed cafes in larger cities. Customers are allowed to pet and hold the animals and are encouraged to get close to them. The cafes are not about serving people, although you can order drinks and sometimes food, it is all about the animals. One creature, in particular, seems to draw attention and curiosity, the amazing owl. Unlike domesticated animals such as dogs and cats, owls are wild and usually only seen in their natural environment or zoos. It is a rare occasion to hold and pet one of the fascinating birds. The owls range in size from small and cute to large and formidable in appearance. Whatever brings you to Kyoto, make sure you visit the Owl Cafe.

• Cafes offer the opportunity to pet and hold a variety of animals

• Spending time with animals reduces stress

• Owls are amazing birds to observe and hold

Owl cafes are increasing in popularity


  • a free drink

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