Ramen Cooking Class Osaka for Kids and Families

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Osaka is called the kitchen of Japan and the hands on ramen experience will be your best souvenir as a family. We are Maiko Kitchen #1 rated cooking Class and a family experience venue in Osaka and. Click for our location and reviews here  

Noodles are consumed daily by the majority of the population in Japan. Ramen is known throughout the world, but most people have never tried authentic ramen noodles made in the traditional manner. When you are in Osaka, learn the fascinating history behind the Japanese noodles. You may discover the roots of Japanese food culture. Learn the difference between udon, ramen and soba. Understand how most Japanese dishes have one of these three ingredients: soy sauce, rice and red beans.

At Maiko Kitchen you have the opportunity to attend a class that will teach you how to make and eat ramen. You will be taught how to prepare for making the noodles and the cookware required. An experienced instructor will present information and guide you in making your delicious ramen noodles. After you make your noodles, you have the pleasure of eating them. Once you experience the tradition and the taste of genuine ramen you will never look at a colorful little package again. Whether you are a resident of Osaka or a visitor to the city you can discover the fun and educational aspects of ramen noodle making.

  • Learn the history of the delicious noodles and Japanese food cultureDiscover how to make ramen. 
  • Experience making and eating ramen in a traditional Japanese kitchen
  • Put on separate traditional clothing as a cultural experience (NOT kimono)
  • Pick any toppings you’d like
  • Combine this activity with other cultural activities such as kimono photo, tea ceremony, ninja experience , for a small fee
  • Staffs will help to take many memorable photos, enjoy lovely food as a family 
  • Adjustable ingredients if you have halal, kosher, food allergy concerns
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This is a simplified ramen making class that is fun and safe for kids. To meet with children’s attention span, we make sure the cooking process does not last more than 30 minutes and the whole experience is finished between 30-40 minutes. When there is some waiting we engage young participants by teaching them origami tricks so the experience is absolutely fun. The process is also simple and easy to repeat at home. First You will boil Japanese ramen noodles. Secondly, you will learn the recipe of how to make the broth. Lastly, you will have a chance to pick the toppings (boiled egg, roasted pork, naruto,  and some vegetables). If you have halal, kosher concerns, please don’t worry as you can pick what items go into the ramen. The best part is you get to eat what you make, a wonderful Japanese memory you will always cherish.

PS: If you have any food allergies or any specific food or ingredient concerns please just type them in the "notes" section of the booking page. 
PS: You need at least 3 people to reserve this experience. If only 2 people are participating please reserve for three, as this is a private experience.
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  • all the ingredients

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