Sweets Making Wagashi Cooking for Groups Kyoto Maikoya

Learn how to make your own wagashi in Kyoto!

Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets made from rice flour and are typically filled with sweet red bean paste. Join us in our Kyoto cooking class so you can make your own beautiful (and edible) sculpted treats!
*** This event can be reserved for 10 and more people.

Our wagashi cooking class will introduce you to the "nekiri", a snack that is perfect for taking home as a souvenir or to enjoy with matcha during a tea ceremony. Kids and adults are welcome to participate.

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Wagashi Cooking Class in Kyoto

Lasts approximately 60 minutes

Workshop inclusions:

  1. Traditional Japanese Apron 
    • Also known as a Japanese chef's jacket, you will be wearing this over your clothes to stay clean and tidy. We have a variety of sizes available for everyone, including kids.
  2. Traditional tools used in making wagashi.  
    • These are olds and other materials in traditional wagashi making.
  3. Required ingredients 
    • Basic and seasonal ingredients for the sweets workshop will be provided. You will be using rice flour, sweet red bean paste, coloring, as well as seasonal ingredients if available.

Please let us know if you have any food-related concerns such as allergies, intolerance, as well as preferences for halal, kosher, or vegan and vegetarian diets.

You will be given an overview lesson on traditional Japanese sweets and the process of making them by an experienced instructor in English, and in Japanese, according to your preference.

Anyone is welcome to join! We recommend an age of 3 years and older for the kids. Younger children can join their parents/guardians, provided they do no create distractions.



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Learn Japanese culture with all of your senses – especially your sense of wonder!


What can you expect during your sweets-making workshop?

You will be putting on your traditional cooking outfit and apron before proceeding to the room where you will learn how to make the wagashi. Our workshops are held in a Japanese-style tatami room with historical and cultural designs.

You will be introduced to the wagashi and be given a basic overview of the subject so you can proceed with the hands-on class. The host is a professional with years of experience in making wagashi and performing the tea ceremony. You will be receiving instructions and guidance in English or Japanese, whichever you prefer.

The host will first be demonstrating the process then guide you to making your own. You will be learning about the proper etiquette along the way, and the ost will explain the symbolism and significance of the process and common designs.

The best part? You'll get to taste your creations after!

Kids are required to be accompanied by an adult for close supervision especially when using hot stoves and sharp knives during the preparation process. Infants and toddlers under the age of 3 are allowed to join their parents/guardians free of charge.

Children above the age of 3 will be charged the regular price and are welcome to join provided they have an adult accompanying them.

Need to cancel or reschedule?


How long does the workshop last?

The sweets-making class lasts for about an hour on average.

Do I need to book in advance?

We recommend booking with us in advance so you don't have to wait in line, especially during peak seasons in early April and mid-November. This is also cheaper and more convenient.

Is there a kimono included?

No, this package only includes a traditional Japanese-style chef jacket and apron.

How old are the children who can join?

Provided that there is an adult or guardian with the child, the recommended age starts from 3 years old. Children younger than 3 are not charged. If you plan on bringing infants and toddlers, please be sure to keep a minimum disturbance.

Are wagashi vegan/vegetarian, halal, or kosher?

The recipes followed during our classes are vegan and vegetarian-friendly! The plant-based treats are also halal and kosher. We highly recommend letting us know if you have any preferences or diets anyway just to make sure.

How long can my wagashi last? And can I take them home as a souvenir?

Wagashi lasts for up to 7 days when placed in a secure container away from direct heat. If you're planning to take them as a souvenir, it's best to plan your workshop with us towards the end of your trip so they stay as fresh and tasty as you first made it.

Do you accept groups?

Yes! Our sweets-making class is recommended for all kinds of groups, couples, and families with kids. We also offer our services for a team-building activity for corporate groups.

Is a tea ceremony included?

No. Although our wagashi are best consumed with matcha tea, this package does not include a tea ceremony. However, we do offer a separate package, "Sweets-Making and Kimono Tea Ceremony"!

Do you have a souvenir shop?

Yes. We provide matcha tea, tea ceremony sets, calligraphy sets, and much more available.

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  • Ingredients
  • Utensils
  • Traditional Japanese clothing

Not Included

  • Transportation

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