Sweets Making Wagashi Cooking Experience in Osaka

A unique sweets making and wagashi cooking experience in Osaka that will make your travel memorable.

You will make Japanese sweets called nerikiri perfect for the tea ceremony and ideal for taking back home as a souvenir. Your host will kindly explain in plain English the culture of sweets making in Japan and demonstrate how to make delicious Japanese sweets. These sweets can be adjusted for the season or your favorite shape or character.

sweets making

What can you expect in this Tea Ceremony Workshop? We show off cultural activities with a difference!

Traditional clothing available for you to wearA friendly host will explain the correct etiquette and symbolism for this ceremonyTry traditional food and drink given during this ritualHeld in a traditional tearoom with beautiful historic decorOpportunities for taking photographs will be highlighted throughout.

Your workshop will include:

An introduction to Japanese sweets making and basic information about wagashiThis is taught by a friendly instructor who speaks EnglishThe instructor is a professional who has had years of training in the Japanese Tea CeremonyYou will be encouraged to try traditional green matcha tea and Japanese styled sweetsOnly traditional tea ceremony utensils will be usedThe workshop will be taught to a small class of 6 or so peopleRelax in a classroom decorated in traditional Japanese décor and architectureExplanations of the ceremony’s history and technique will be explained describedLocated in the Maikoya Osaka building in central OsakaIf you give notice, guides can pick you up from your chosen train station in Osaka.


*Try a diverse range of ingredients and flavours unique to Japan

*A friendly host will explain and demonstrate correct cooking techniques

*Held in a Japanese styled kitchen

*Opportunities for taking photographs will be highlighted throughout

*Special experience to cook wearing Kimono costume

Learn Japanese culture with all of your senses – especially your your own of wonder!


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Children are welcome for this course, however since there will be something dangerous such as hot stoves and sharp knives in a kitchen room, they must be given strict parental supervision.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies, Halal, vegan or vegetarian preferences.

Children must be accompanied by an adult

Adult pricing applies to all travelers

Sweets Making Wagashi Sweets Making Wagashi


  • Ingredients
  • Utensils
  • Traditional Japanese clothing

Not Included

  • Transportation

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