Katana Sword Making The Location is Outside Tokyo

Unleash your inner blacksmith and forge your own Japanese katana, the legendary small blade, side by side with a master swordsmith. Immerse yourself in the centuries-old art of crafting these iconic blades, using the same methods and materials employed in creating full-size katanas. Your journey begins at the forge, where you'll meet your skilled and amiable swordsmith for an unforgettable interactive lesson.

Under the expert guidance of the seasoned swordsmith, you'll delve into the art of metalworking, transforming raw materials into a meticulously designed instrument. Gain firsthand knowledge of the traditional techniques, exploring the precision and intricate nature of crafting these revered blades. Understand how the craft scales up in the creation of full-sized Japanese swords.

Cap off your artisanal adventure by taking home your personally handcrafted katana—a prized keepsake that encapsulates the essence of your craftsmanship. It's more than just a sword; it's a tangible testament to your journey through the timeless art of swordsmithing, a treasure to cherish for years to come.

PS: Participants younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
samurai sword making in Kyoto

Service details

Embark on an extraordinary journey to forge your very own Japanese katana (kogatana small blade), guided by one of Japan's most renowned artisans—a master celebrated on national Japanese television and international channels alike. Delve into the secrets of traditional blade-forging, employing the same materials and techniques used in crafting full-sized katanas.

Located just an hour outside of Kyoto, the forge serves as the backdrop for this captivating experience. You'll meet your affable and knowledgeable swordsmith, initiating a four-hour immersive session into the world of blacksmithing.

During this hands-on experience, you'll traverse the intricate steps of katana-making:

  1. Hidukuri (火造り): Heating iron charcoal and skillfully shaping it into the preliminary knife form.
  2. Yakinamashi (焼きなまし): Heat the iron to 700 degrees, then carefully cool it down in straw charcoal to prepare iron particles.
  3. Tuchitori (土取り): Use soil to mark where the iron will be treated and distinguish areas for heating during the quenching process.
  4. Meigiri (銘切り): Carve a name onto the blade using a chisel.
  5. Yakiire (焼入れ): Harden the blade edge by heating it to 750 degrees, followed by quenching with water.

After this journey through the katana's creation, you'll proudly take home your meticulously crafted katana—a tangible testament to your skill and a cherished keepsake for a lifetime of memories.

What you will create is a small blade, not a regular size sword, so there is no problem taking it to the airplane. The swordsmith also can ship it to your home address for a small fee if you'd like.

samurai sword making in Kyoto

※ Age Limits: Participants must be ten years of age or over.

※ Please kindly understand that the reservation might be asked for editing the date or the time as the limited participant numbers.

※ For booking guests only. Unauthorized persons are prohibited.

※ If you are a big group with more than five people, please email us. ※ We have served hundreds of guests from dozens of countries, and we were never informed of a problem at customs. We also have an option to have it shipped to your address for a small fee.


  • Metals needed to make your knife
  • Lesson workshop
  • Your handmade souvenir

Not Included

  • Transportation
  • Pick up and drop off


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