Visit Fushimi Inari LIVE

Shinto shrine of Fushimi Inari Shinto shrine of Fushimi Inari

This is a PRIVATE  interactive Fushimi Inari tour that lasts 60 minutes. You can invite your family and friends and there can be up to 29 GUESTS for the cost of one reservation.

For the first time ever, you can visit this historic site live led by an experienced tour guide live. Since this is not a video but a live-streamed walking tour held privately you can ask questions and interact with the tour guide. This is ideal for university classes focusing on Asian Studies and Japan fans who want to get deeper knowledge about the site and culture.

Fushimi Inari Shrine is named as the most popular tourists’ destinations in Japan because of its striking view of 10,000 torii gates. It is the head shrine of 40,000 inari shrines in Japan. Inari Shrines are Shinto shrines worshipping for good harvest for farming products, particularly rice, Japan’s staple food. As Japan became a more industrialized nation, many merchants came here to wish for the success of their business. Nowadays people come here to wish for everything from passing exams, the easy delivery of babies, the success of losing weight and the world peace. It was originally established by Hata Family in 711, who originally came from Korean peninsula.

Online guide tour kyotoOnline tour Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto, Japan

Unique Interactive Fushimi Tour Online

This is a private Fushimi Inari tour that lasts 60 minutes. You can invite your family and friends and there can be up to 29 guests for the cost of one reservation. Your online interactive tour will include
  • Explanation of the Shinto Shrines
  • Entering the Shrine from the main gate
  • Passing by the Honden
  • Walking under the Senbon tori gates
  • Ending the tour with the omo karu ishi ritual
If you are reserving for a university class, please let us know in the notes section.


Process of Reserving Online Fushimi Inari Tour

  • Step 1: Please make a reservation on this page and you will get a confirmation email automatically.
  • Step 2: We will email you a link to the online video call 24 hours prior to your lesson.  Just click on the link at your reserved time slot and enjoy the experience!
Please make sure to reserve at least 48 hours in advance.

 The online session is a flat rate from 1 to 29 people. Please enter 1 for the number of people on the reservation form. If you would like to participate with more than 30 people, please contact us by email.

Notes on Reserving Fushimi Inari Tour Online

  • The time slots listed on the reservation page is Japanese Standard Time (13 hours ahead of New York City, 7 hours ahead of Paris).
  • Please make sure you are joining the meeting by using a device with a camera and a microphone (iphone, macbook, airbook, webcam, etc.).
  • The tour guide has to prepare and arrange her schedule in advance. So, please understand that there is a 100% cancellation fee if you can’t participate in the tour.
  • If you have concerns about us or looking for references for our services please read the reviews below.

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