5 Best Health Insurance for Japan Travel 2021

Japan Travel Tips
Traveling to Japan is no doubt an exciting experience, especially when flying for the first time. Though one may not look forward to accidents and serious incidents, guests cannot predict what may happen during the trip. Sicknesses, illnesses, and injuries may occur, which is scary and might be more costly than a travel budget. Here are some insights which can help before a Japan trip.


What is Health Insurance?

When treated in centers or hospitals of another country, illnesses, injuries, and other unplanned incidents can come more costly than a travel budget. Fortunately, with the help of travel health insurance, the financial costs of traveling guests can be reduced. Travel Health Insurance is a treasure one can hold on to when traveling to Japan. Health Insurance, also referred to as Travel Medical Insurance, is internationally-recognized insurance designed to cover costs for emergency health issues outside one’s home country.


Why Health Insurance is Important

Japan is considered one of the safest countries worldwide. The country has kept its criminal rates low for several years and has protected both locals and tourists. Even though Japan has gained a strong safety reputation, no country can escape imperfection. Guests must still take measures in securing their belongings when traveling. It is also important to practice self-protection, like keeping an eye on scams and using credit cards.
It is strongly recommended that people traveling to Japan must consider getting travel insurance. Before deciding on one, guests must review the policies and coverage of health and medical care, misplaced or lost baggage, hotel and flight cancellations, damaged belongings, and stolen possessions. Even when these are not everyday occurrences, one should be safe and protected.


Health Insurance Examples

A serious issue a traveling guest could face is an emergency need for medical attention. When one has bought travel health insurance, most expenses for a Japanese ambulance will be covered. If the hospital declares that a guest should be admitted, the health insurance would also cover costs for the hospital amenities like rooms and medical treatment.
Another thing to consider is an occurrence of an injury. One can never predict when an accident might happen. Even when a patient is taken to a Japanese emergency center or facility, it can happen that life-threatening pain or injury treatments may not be able to save the condition of a patient. However, under health insurance, the cost of transportation to an equipped hospital is covered.


Travel Insurance Policy Checklist

  • Cancellation Policy: Look for travel health insurance that covers the cancellation of ticket planes, hotel reservations, and other services.
  • Activity Coverage: Japan is home to stunning locations and accommodations with nearby sites designed for high-intensity activities like hiking, skiing, and other daring and intense sports. If a guest is looking forward to these once-in-a-lifetime experiences, then he or she should take note of this insurance coverage.
  • Evacuation and Medical Coverage: It is noteworthy that an insurance plan should have all the medical costs covered, like hospitalization, ambulance, and other incidents that might come up unplanned.
  • Theft and Damages: Even though Japan has low crime rates, criminal instances may happen. This coverage is extremely important, especially for those traveling with laptops, cameras, or other devices.
  • Insurance Proof: A travel health insurance a traveler must consider is one that provides a hardcopy or printed proof. This is beneficial, especially for medical emergencies.
  • Validity in Japan: After considering the above-mentioned items, the most important detail a traveler must be sure of is the validity of the insurance in Japan.


5 Best Health Insurance Providers:

Atlas International Insurance


Atlas Travel Insurance is a travel health insurance for travelers coming from different countries. People coming from abroad who plan to head to Japan are also eligible for Atlas. The insurance also comes with an app that can be accessed in Japan. Omotenashi App is free and provides perks to its users. The insurance offers coverage specially designed for people who do extreme activities and sports. The plan also extends to Missionaries and volunteers. Atlas Travel Insurance covers cost and protection for flight delays, accidents, lost or misplaced luggage, travel assistance, medical expenses, and others.


FWD Health Insurance


FWD Health Insurance is insurance available to nine countries in Asia. The good news is that the company continues to expand, offering insurance coverage to other Asian countries. Their insurance plan covers instances for death, permanent disability, travel delay, lost or damaged belongings, medical expenses, and others.




SafetyWing is insurance that provides medical coverage that is not heavy for the wallet of a traveler. The insurance plan offered can be renewed, which makes it easier for long-time guests and travelers. Aside from medical coverage, the plan is also inclusive of cost and protection from travel interruption, lost luggage, accidental death, emergency evacuation, natural disasters, dental expense, and others.




Travelex is insurance that has gained popularity among North Americans. The company covers cost and protection from travel assistance, accidental death, dismemberment, medical and dental coverage, trip cancellation and delay, and others.


World Nomads


World Nomads is one of the most well-known insurance companies that cover costs and protection from adventurous activities and sports. The company also covers trip cancellations, COVID-19 instances, dismemberment, emergency evacuation, accidental death, emergency medical expense, and others.