Geisha are like sumo wrestlers!

What are the similarities between geisha and sumo:

  • Most sumo wrestlers weigh around 150 kgs, the weight of the maiko’s clothing during the winter time is around 15 KGS!!!
  • The loincloth of a sumo wrestler is made out if silk and is about 7-meters. The sash of the maiko is made out of silk and about 5-METERS
  • They both do jobs that were performed the same way 300 years ago
  • They both must belong to a house, no independent performers
  • They both require a sponsor
  • They both have a historic hairstyle
  • They both must walk outside in kimono/yukata and wear sandals
  • They both have a connection to religion (sumo is a Shinto ritual, geisha started out serving tea to pilgrims)
  • Champion sumo wrestlers wear shimenawa (Sacred Shinto zig-zag papers), all okiyas (geisha houses) also display shimenawa at the door
  • They both must leave from their parents at the young age and live in the lodging house
  • They both live with strict junior-senior relationships in their lodging houses
  • They both have to do house chores as part of their training
  • Both of their expenses are paid by the house they belonged to during their training
  • Both of their earnings directly go to the house until they become pro
  • Retired sumo wrestlers usually take over a sumo house, retired geisha usually take over a geisha house
  • Sumo wrestlers aren’t allowed to drive a car, apprentice geisha aren’t allowed to have a cell phone or carry their own money in their purse
Geisha are like sumo wrestlers