6 Best Premium Matcha To Buy in Japan 2021

Ground Matcha Ceremonial Tea
Matcha is powder from green tea leaves that has won hearts worldwide. As time passed, the uses and purpose of matcha became varied. It became a must in tea ceremonies to placing a spot in pop culture. Matcha has become a favorite flavor of several countries, featured in Starbucks drinks and other renowned cafes. It is a ground powder made from green tea leaves, sources mostly coming from East Asia. Powdered matcha differs from the usual tea bags as it is often directly mixed with water or milk. 
The matcha drink can be dated back in years 618 to 907 during the Tang Dynasty in China. It became a part of Buddhist ritual preparations. In Japan, traditional tea ceremonies focus on the preparation and serving of matcha, which is drunk as a hot tea. It is also important that matcha should be “ceremonial-grade” as this is the quality standard that qualifies it to be used in ceremonies. Nowadays, matcha has evolved to dyes and flavors found in ice creams, mochi, and lattes.


Reasons to Drink Matcha

  • Matcha Serves as a Brain Booster. If one feels a little drained, take a break and sip matcha from a cup. Just a simple drinking routine can help with alertness. Matcha has also helped people in memory and brain functions.
  • Matcha is a Rich Source of Antioxidants. Catechins, compounds in tea that also serve as antioxidants, are found in matcha. These can help in keeping cells healthy. Antioxidants can also help prevent risks in chronic diseases, which is in green tea matcha.
  • Matcha Can Help in Cancer Prevention. Though there are many catechin types, one kind of catechin in matcha shows to be a strong fighter against cancer risks. Serving matcha to loved ones is also a gesture of showing them care and protection.
  • Matcha Helps With Heart Health. Heart disease is one of the factors that have caused people their family members through many years. To help prevent the risks of this dangerous disease, heat a matcha drink for the family. Matcha helps in preventing bad cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke.
  • Matcha Can Help with Weight Loss. In addition to all the health benefits, matcha is also an excellent partner in weight loss. It can help with metabolism and energy increase, which can result in fat burning. People can pair it with their diet and exercise routine.


Best Premium Matcha from Japan

Fukujuen 福寿園 Premium Japanese Tea

Started in 1790, Fukujuen was founded by Iyemon Fukui. The shop first started to sell wood through shipping and later sold green tea. Fukujuen now prides itself on its quality matcha products. They have other drinks too, like bottled green tea and Uji tea. The company has also collaborated with Suntory Iyemon, which is considered one of the best green tea products in Japan.


Hibiki-an Matcha Super Premium


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Matcha Super Premium is the highest quality matcha in Uji. The Hibiki-an Company produces and selects quality tea leaves for their products. Hibiki-an Matcha Super Premium is grown near a river in Uji, Kyoto, that helps produce a rich tea taste due to the fertile soil. The company specializes in their technique that creates perfect aroma, smooth drinking texture, and rich matcha taste.


Ippodo Premium Select Matcha 一保堂

Founded in 1717, Ippodo Tea is a family-run company in Kyoto, Japan. Their products range from tea, gifts, and other tea necessities like utensils. Premium Select Matcha is the exclusive blend of the company with ingredients having care and attention on the process. Their tea is made sure to have a sweet smelling aroma and the perfect matcha sweetness. Premium Select Matcha also varies on the growing conditions in Japan each year.


Kimikura Matcha Kyoto 京都 (Competition Top Grade - Premium Ceremonial)

Japanese Tea Kimikura is a company that offers tea fans a wide range of tea products. One of its most recommended products is the Competition Top Grade - Premium Ceremonial Matcha. The ingredients are grown in Kyoto, known as the place close to traditional Japanese roots. The tea leaves are carefully selected and are entered into the annual National Tea Competition. Their Premium Ceremonial Matcha has a smooth texture and a perfectly sweet flavor.


Ochaski Premium Matcha オチャスキー

Founded in Tokyo, Ochaski offers tea fanatics premium Japanese tea worldwide. All of their tea products only come from a single source, which are a family-run tea growers. Their premium tea offers are namely Tenku Premium Sencha, Ishi Premium Bancha, Organic Kyoto Premium Matcha, and Organic Shizuoka Premium Matcha. For matcha lovers, they can avail Organic Kyoto Premium Matcha and Organic Shizuoka Premium Matcha through their website.


Itohkyuemon Kyoto Uji Premium Matcha Powder

Founded in 1832, Itohkyuemon started with Tsuneemon Itoh selling tea in Uji Tawara Town. Through time, it offered tea products like the Itohkyuemon Kyoto Uji Premium Matcha Powder. The Matcha is manufactured in Uji, Kyoto, known as the source for matcha production. The tea has a rich and delicious matcha taste, which can also be used for desserts like cake and other delicacies.