Tea Ceremony Room: Harmony of the hanging scroll "KAKEMONO" (掛物), the flowers "CHABANA" (茶花) and the flower vases "HANAIRE" (花入) (The objects of the tea room③)

Tea flowers creating harmony with various tools used in one formal tea gathering or one tea gathering is very important. Choosing the tools to use at the formal tea gathering or the tea gathering is called a "DOUGUNO-TORIAWASE" (道具の取り合わせ).
When assembling tools, first consider whether the size of the tea room is a "HIROMA" (広間) hall or a "KOMA" (小間) booth. Then, according to the purpose of the tea gathering, consider the seasons, etc., and decide the "KAKEMONO" (掛物) hanging scroll in the "TOKO"(床) alcove in a tea room first. In this case, the point is the size of the TOKO. Once you have decided on the KAKEMONO, the next step is to think of seasonal flowers for CHABANA that match it. It is no exaggeration to say that seeking flowers with all your heart, such as flowers grown by yourself or picked from hills and fields, is the most important thing in making CHABANA. In addition, we must consider the CHABANA that suits the vase "HANAIRE" (花入), and also consider the relationship between the KAKEMONO and the CHABANA. In this way, the vases often depend on the flowers, but on the contrary, there are cases where flowers are selected by the vases.
When using a KAKEMONO that has been famous for a long time (such as by the high-ranking Chinese monk), it is naturally necessary to have to decide the flowers according to that revel. For example, Chinese celadon flower vases have been very valuable for a long time. In such flower vases, the flowers should have a noble taste. As mentioned above, CHABANA or tea flowers should not stand out in the designs and decorations. It exists as a part of the beauty of harmony with other tools in the tea room.