Kyoto Botanical Gardens

Kyoto Botanical Gardens is located at the northern end of Kyoto City.  It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Japan, it was founded in 1924.
Kyoto Botanical Gardens Kyoto Botanical Gardens, 角木美穂

It is full of ever-changing seasonal plants and has one of the largest collections of plants in all of Japan, thus allowing the Garden to be enjoyed all year round. This conservatory does not only exhibit plants from Japan, but from all over the world. With sections of the garden focusing on plants from the wet tropics to the dry deserts. Although founded in 1924, it was not always in use since that date.

In 1945 the Garden fell into disuse, but luckily in 1961, it was reopened, allowing people to once again see this beautiful garden. It is open from 9 am-5 pm (last entry 4 pm) every day of the week, but the opening hours are subject to change due to garden events, but it is closed from December 28th to January 4th. To arrive at the gardens it only takes 20 minutes from Kyoto station by subway.

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