Which tea ceremony school does Maikoya follow?

Maikoya has teachers coming from both Urasenke and omotesenke schools. However,  Maikoya staff are trained in a way very similar to the Urasenke school, the most popular way of tea ceremony all around the world. Although the process (temae) we follow is very similar to the Urasenke style, we focus more on the meditation and mindfulness aspects of tea ceremony as Urasenke focuses more on concept of "the best taste and best service for the guest".


Maikoya staff

Maikoya staff are consistently trained on the many unique elements of tea ceremony. We should remember that it is not easy to become a grand tea master. Only the senior family members from the Sen no Rikyu family are usually given the title of the grand tea master after 30-40 years of service. There are many rankings and various tea ceremony certification processes by Urasenke, the shortest being 3 years of intensive training that gives the ranking of tea ceremony trainer where the participants can stay in dorms managed by the tea ceremony school.


Tea Ceremony Schools


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