Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo With Experience Set to Enthrall Audiences with Grand Opening in Asakusa

Asakusa, Tokyo - [12/01/2023]
Samurai Museum Tokyo Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo

Delve into the rich tapestry of Japan's vibrant history as the Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo prepares to inaugurate its grand opening in the heart of Asakusa next week. A monumental 5-storey edifice, housing an extensive array of samurai and ninja artifacts across two interactive floors, promises to captivate not just local aficionados but also travelers from around the globe.
Key Features Redefining Museum Experiences:
Immersive museum: Leading a new era of interaction, the museum invites visitors to indulge in hands-on experiences, from sword training to mastering ninja star throwing. Enthusiasts seeking an authentic encounter can opt for on-the-spot ninja training and samurai sword lessons for a nominal additional fee.
samurai experience Guests dressed up as a samurai holding replica swords, included in the basic ticket of Tokyo Samurai Museum

Touchable artifacts: Offering a unique chance to touch and hold authentic Edo period swords and armor, visitors forge a palpable link with Japan's illustrious heritage.
English Guided Tours: Breaking language barriers, Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo proudly provides multiple hourly English-guided tours, elevating the visitor experience and catering to diverse audiences.
Fusion of Samurai and Ninja : The basic ticket grants access to an exhilarating array of samurai and ninja artifacts, including the thrill of ninja star throwing. For fervent enthusiasts, special tickets unlock exclusive opportunities such as immersive ninja training, complete with donning ninja attire and mastering specialized techniques.
Ninja Experience at Tokyo Samurai MuseumGuests are throwing ninja stars which is included in the basic ticket.
Pop Culture: Seamlessly blending Japanese popular culture with history, the museum showcases the intriguing correlation between Japan's past and how it is portrayed in manga and anime.
Real-Sword Gift Shop: Complementing the experience, the museum offers a dedicated samurai gift shop, featuring authentic swords and a plethora of souvenirs for aficionados.
Visitor Information:
Located at 1-8-13, Taito City, Tokyo, the museum welcomes visitors daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Ticketing Details:
Basic Ticket: Priced at approximately $20 for adults and $18 for kids, this comprehensive package includes entrance fees, an immersive English-guided tour of Japan's history, ninja star throwing, samurai armor trials, and occasional samurai shows. Online ticket reservations for Tokyo Samurai Museum come with a 10% discount.
Special Tickets: Starting from $35, these tickets offer a spectrum of enthralling experiences, from donning full-metal samurai armor to engaging in immersive samurai and ninja hands-on training lessons.
Online reservations:
Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo Basic Ticket
Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo Real Sword Experience
Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo Sword Lesson
Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo Ninja Lesson

Tokyo Samurai Museum Samurai Tea Ceremony Ticket

Exclusive Experiences for Adult Visitors:
Adults over 18 can savor the traditional samurai experience by donning attire and practicing with a genuine samurai sword under supervision, culminating in the slashing of tatami mats. This experience takes place inside the museum or the nearby building with a Japanese garden which makes Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo  is an ideal cultural activity that combines fun and history tour at the same venue.
Proximity and Collaborations:
Conveniently situated just a 3-minute walk from the revered Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and in proximity to the iconic Tokyo Skytree, the Tokyo Samurai Museum With Experience collaborates with the neighboring Kimono Tea Ceremony Maikoya, offering cultural experience combo tickets tailored for families and couples.
Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo   also collaborates with Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto where customers can enjoy the samurai experience in Tokyo and ninja experience in Kyoto.
Note: The museum is committed to ensuring accessibility for handicapped guests within a three-month timeline. For media inquiries, high-resolution images, and further details about the grand opening event, please contact [Media Contact Information].
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Sword cutting training Tokyo Guests can use a real sword at the outdoor or indoor facilities of Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo


Tokyo Samurai Museum Tour History tours provided in English at the Tokyo Samurai Ninja Museum

Samurai Armor at the Samurai Museum Tokyo Samurai Armor at the Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo


Guests are taking a closer look at the exhibits of Samurai Museum Tokyo Guests are taking a closer look at the exhibits of Samurai Ninja Museum Tokyo