Budget Shopping and The Best Souvenirs in Hiroshima

Shopping Streets and Shopping Districts in Hiroshima

Hiroshima has a downtown that never sleeps. The entire district is built around the impressive Hodira Street, where the complete street has been turned into a giant glass-covered shopping arcade. This is where you will find the best shopping in Hiroshima.

Parallel to Hondori Street is Aioidori Street where you will find some of Hiroshima’s most exclusive department stores and most prominent malls. Hondori Street is home to the cities tram network and some of the cities best hotels.

Kamiyacho Shareo was Hiroshimas first underground shopping mall. This is an excellent place to pick up Japanese fashion brands and souvenirs at discounted prices. Kamiyacho Shareo has over 80 stores and is connected to the impressive SOGO Department Store.

Acting as a major tourist landmark, SOGO Hiroshima is perhaps the cities largest department store. SOGO also serves as a transport hub connecting with the Hiroshima bus and railway networks. If you want to find the best shopping in Hiroshima, you need to visit SOGO Hiroshima.

The main SOGO department store is connected to a large new building called SOGO New Wing. This is home to many western and Japanese fashion brands. The SOGO new wing connects with the Pacela department store. This creates a giant shopping complex that can take days to fully explore.

This might sound a little confusing, but the city of Hiroshima is well designed and easy to navigate. The connecting shopping malls and department stores make exploring this incredible city a pleasure.


Department Stores and Malls in Hiroshima

Hiroshima PARCO

PARCO Hiroshima Store PARCO Hiroshima Store, Ryo Shintani

PARCO is an impressive mall with some fantastic fashion stores that will meet all budgets. You will find many Japanese brands and some international brands at very reasonable prices. This is a great place to discover new and exciting Japanese designers and high street fashions.

Parco Shopping Mall

PARCO has a good selection of western brands and electronics stores. If you are a music lover, you will love the giant Tower Records located on the 9th floor. This is a fantastic mall to discover new and exciting brands. You will find excellent food courts and get to meet many local people.


Orizuru Tower

Built-in 2016 Orizuru tower is the newest addition to the Orizuru shopping complex. Orizuru Tower is a lifestyle mall offering much more than retail therapy. The top floor acts as an observation deck with fantastic views over the city. Orizuru square on the 12th floor is a creative space for making origami cranes and praying for peace.

Orizuru Tower

A visit to Orizuru Tower is a magnificent day out. The food courts are vast and exciting, and the shopping is diverse and impressive. You will find many electronics stores and games shops. There is a long list of Japanese fashion retailers and many major western high street brands.
Orizuru Tower is one of the best shopping experiences in Japan. The entire mall is dedicated to value and culture. At Orizuru Tower there is something for all age groups and styles. This mall is a fantastic cultural experience you will never forget.

Orizuru Tower Map


Kamiyacho Shareo

Kamiyacho Shareo was Hiroshima’s first underground shopping mall. It’s an unbelievable place and a mecca for ladies fashion. The prices are low, and the quality is high. Kamiyacho Shareo is an excellent place to find cool Japanese labels at very affordable prices.

Hiroshima Shopping

This is a vast underground complex where the shops target ladies aged between 16 and 30. You will find everything from outrageous street fashion to traditional Japanese designs. The prices at Kamiyacho Shareo are affordable, and the shopping experience is pleasant. This is the best budget shopping experience in Hiroshima.

Kamiyacho Shareo Map


Fukuya Hiroshima Ekimae Store

This large chain store is connected to the ASSE Hiroshima Station Mall. It’s home to over 80 Japanese chain stores. Catering for nearly every taste imaginable. You will find fabulous shoe shops, hipster fashion boutiques and bizarre Japanese styles all under one roof.
You will also find a BIC Camera Store selling discounted electronics. BIC Camera is one of the largest electronics retailers in Japan. The BIC Camera shop in Fukuya Hiroshima Ekimae is very impressive. Fukuya Hiroshima Ekimae Store

Fukuya Hiroshima Ekimae Store is an impressive place. There is a beautiful observation deck on the 11th floor offering spectacular views across the city. If you go underground, you will find two giant food courts that stretch for miles. This is one of the best places in Hiroshima for budget shopping, offering a unique and local shopping experience.


Budget Shopping, and Flea Markets in Hiroshima

Yellow VIntage Store

Unlike most Japanese cities Hiroshima lacks a flea market and vintage clothing scene. There are a few stores and markets dotted about the city. But not to the extent of Osaka or Tokyo. Yellow is one of the best vintage stores in Hiroshima and has some fantastic retro clothing, from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s,

Yellow Vintage Store HiroshimaY

Yellow is one of the coolest vintage stores in the city. They have a fantastic collection comprising of local independent fashion and specially sourced retro. They have an extensive collection of obscure 70’s and 80’s fashion items. This is a great store to explore and pick up something unique.


Thank You Mart

Based on the fifth floor of Sun Mall is Thank You Mart, This is the place to discover hipster vintage and some rare and unique Japanese labels. There is a large stock of ’80s and 90’s vintage clothes and some quirky and truly unique Japanese items.

Thank You Mart Hiroshima

Thank You Mart, is a fascinating store to explore. If you love vintage, you will fall in love the minute you walk through the door. This is where Hiroshima’s style-conscious come to find the latest vintage clothes that light up Hiroshimas exciting night life. The prices are reasonable, and the quality is excellent.


Higashi Senda-machi Park Flea Market

Hugashi Park Flea Market is one of the largest in Hiroshima, it’s a fantastic place to discover collectibles and vintage fashion. Hugashi Park Flea Market is next to Hiroshima University. Here you will find excellent stalls selling cool vintage and collectibles. There are local designers selling their latest creations at remarkable prices.

Higashi Senda-machi Park

Higashi Senda-machi Park Flea Market is more of a day out, that just a flea market. Besides some excellent vintage stalls, you will find delicious homemade food and a stage showcasing local bands, This is a hipsters paradise and great fun for all the family.


The Trunk Market

The Trunk is a fantastic flea market. All of the stalls are arranged in a circle, and all the items are extremely well organized. The feel is more antique than retro, and the stall holders are incredibly knowledgeable.

The Trunk Market

This probably isn’t the place for bargain hunters, as the items here carry a lofty price tag. The Trunk is a great market to explore and soak up the atmosphere. You will find some fantastic food and some fascinating local characters. If you are looking for rare antiques and collectibles, then The Trunk is the best market in town.

The Trunk Market


Kamiyachō Shareo

The best mall in the city for quirky Japanese labels and budget ladies fashion is Kamiyachō Shareo. This giant underground shopping complex acts as a hub for low-cost ladies fashion. You can spend hours browsing the various stores, where you will find unique items at bargain prices.

Kamiyachō Shareo

Kamiyachō Shareo stretches underground and goes on forever. Nearly every shop is stocked with incredible ladies fashion that caters for the 16 to 30 age group. You will find everything from stylish office wear to funky dresses and wild street fashions. If you love the latest styles, you will never want to leave.

Kamiyachō ShareoK


Shopping For Electronics in Hiroshima

Sofmap Hiroshima

Sofmap Hiroshima is a leading electronics store. It can be found in the Shotengai Shopping Street Arcade. Here you will find all of the major electronics brands. There are hundreds of laptops and smartphones.

Sofmap Hiroshima
This is an excellent electronics store with very knowledgeable staff members. You will find a wide selection of Japanese and globally recognized electronics brands. The prices are very low and the customer service is excellent

Sofmap Hiroshima


Sun Mall

Sun Mall can be found in the Shotengai Shopping Street Arcade and is another mall with a wide selection of electronics retailers. It’s a great place to hunt for cameras, computers, and smartphones.

Sun Mall

They have a wide selection of stock that offers many laptops and smartphones at heavily discounted prices. They have an excellent selection of cameras and accessories. The Sun mall is a unique retail location. You will find many fashion stores, some excellence shoe shops, and fantastic food courts all under one roof.

Sun Mall


Tenmaya Hatchobori Building

This former department store is now home to Yamada-Denki LABI. This is perhaps the biggest and best electronics retailer in Hiroshima. They offer foreign language services that include English. Their prices are remarkably low and beat many other stores in the city.

You will find an extensive range of cameras and accessories. A selection of laptops that stretches as far as the eye can see. There are some interesting time-saving gadgets and thousands of smartphones.

Tenmaya Hatchobori

When you have finished shopping for gadgets, you can head next door to Mitsukoshi for excellent gourmet food. After lunch, there is a giant fashion mall stocking many leading Japanese brands.

Tenmaya Hatchobori


Outlet Malls in Hiroshima

Hiroshima Marina Hop

Fashion mall, outlet mall, and fairground, Hiroshima Marina Hop manages to be all three rolled into one. A visit to Hiroshima Marina Hop is a fabulous day out for all the family. The marine theme park is packed with rides and attractions and its very own aquarium.

Hiroshima Marina Hop

The outlet mall is full of designer clothes, shoes and accessories, all sold at heavily discounted prices. Most big western brands can be found including Levi, Nike, and Zara. After your retail therapy, you can take a relaxing cruise on the Seto Inland Sea.

Hiroshima Marina Hop Map


The Outlet Hiroshima

With 127 stores selling heavily discounted western fashion and lifestyle brands. The Outlets is a leading brand outlet mall, selling everything from footwear to electronics. There is a vast selection of sports brands including Nike and Adidas.

The Outlet Hiroshima

This is a beautiful mall offering large discounts at 80% of the original price. After some serious retail therapy, there is an ice scatting ring and cinema to keep you entertained.

The Outlet Hiroshima Map


Souvenir Shopping in Hiroshima

ASSE Hiroshima Station Building – Tax-Free Shopping

This is a fantastic place for some quick souvenir shopping. The mall is connected to Hiroshima Station. There is a wide selection of souvenirs, that include many traditional Japanese handy crafts. ASSE is next to the train station making it easy to pick up some last minute gifts.

ASSE Hiroshima Station Building

The excellent news is that everything at ASSE is tax-free. You will find fantastic souvenirs suitable for all the family at heavily discounted and tax-free prices.

ASSE Hiroshima Station Building


Hiroshima Yume Plaza

The Yume Plaza can be found on Hiroshima Hondori Shotengai shopping street, it is perhaps the best place in the city to buy souvenirs. The entire plaza is filled with specialty products that will make fantastic gifts. You will find everything from simple key chains to embroidered fabrics and elaborate handmade items.

Hiroshima Yume Plaza

Yume Plaza is a well-known store and the perfect place to hunt for the best souvenirs in town. This is the ideal place to find authentic Japanese items that your friends and family will love. Yume Plaza has the best souvenir shopping in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Yume Plaza



Nagasakiya can be found on Hiroshima Hondori Shotengai shopping street. It’s a Japanese favorite 100 yen store and the perfect place to pick up cute gifts. Nagasakiya is an Aladdin’s cave for unusual items that your friends will love.


Nagasakiya is the best place in town for finding unusual and typically Japanese items, that your friends will love. It is also a great place to explore and discover cheap little gadgets.


Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street

Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street is one of the most beautiful places for souvenir shopping in Hiroshima. Situated between Itsukushima and Miyajima pier, it’s the perfect place to eat lunch and walk around the many souvenir stores, selling handicraft and handmade bamboo products.

Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street

The entire area is rich in history and culture. The restaurants are delightful, the souvenir shops are exciting, and the scenery is breathtaking. This is a beautiful day out and the perfect place to pick up some gifts for your Friends and family.

Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street