Honeymoon Japan and Beach

Japan is a country described as a thin island that positions itself with the Pacific Ocean, East China Sea, and the Japan Sea. With its location, it is no wonder that the country has a large number of beaches. These beaches are also the perfect destination for newly-wedded couples, where they can spend intimate moments for their honeymoon. The list gathers a compilation of the best romantic beaches in Japan.


8 Best Honeymoon Beaches 2021

Whether you are a couple who seeks adventure and fun or one that prefers a relaxing scenic getaway, Japan offers a multitude of thrilling experiences for newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Okinawa Beaches

The beaches of Okinawa have gained the reputation of having the best beaches in Japan. For a romantic getaway, newly-wed couples can enjoy crystal clear waters and white sand. The beaches also come with secluded places where couples can enjoy moments for themselves, like watching the sunset together. There are resort hotels near the beach where they can stay for a night or two.


Jodogahama Beach

Jodogahama Beach is a popular destination located in Miyaku. Jodogahama has won both tourists and locals, making it a famous site of the Sanriku Coast. The beach also features intriguing rock formations and is mostly visited during the summer seasons of Japan. Jodogahama Beach has also been listed as one of the best beaches in Japan. With its reputation and features, it is a must-visit for honeymoon destinations. Public facilities are also available at the site.


Kamakura Beaches

Kamakura beaches are convenient places to go to, considering that the beaches are only feet away from the Kamakura Station. The beaches feature brown sand and are popular during the summer seasons. Usual visitors come from Yokohama and Tokyo. There are also rental shops and beach huts where couples can spend time while feeling the sea breeze. Public facilities like toilets are also available.


Momochihama Beach

What makes Momochihama Beach different from the previously mentioned places is because it is an artificial beach located in Fukuoka. The location also features an artificial island situated at the center of Momochihama. Couples can enjoy shops, restaurants and see people playing sports. Newly-weds are welcome to swim in the waters or try sunbathing together just for fun. Changing rooms and toilets are also available.


Kikugahama Beach

Kikugahama Beach is another romantic destination located in Hagi, Japan. It is situated near the Ruins of Hagi Castle in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The beach offers newly-wed guests magnificent views of Mount Shizuki and is a popular choice for many visitors. Couples can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. Changing rooms, showers, and toilets are also available in the area.


Chirihama Beach

Chirihama Beach is a beautiful and romantic destination located in Noto Peninsula of Japan. The beach is also open to privately-owned vehicles, which is convenient especially when the couples are traveling with a rented RV. The beach has also gained the reputation of being the popular choice in swimming and shellfish. Newly-weds will especially enjoy the summer seasons when the temporary beach huts open.


Shirahama Beach

Shirahama Beach is a long sandy beach located in Shirahama. It is a well-developed onsen resort situated in Wakayama Prefecture. The beach has become a popular choice for visitors, especially during the summer seasons of Japan. Shops also open during the summer seasons, where couples can do their shopping. Newlyweds can enjoy swimming on the beach and use the available showers, toilets, and changing rooms.


Miho Beach

Miho Beach is a romantic site located in Shizuoka, Japan. The beach is best known for the scenic views it offers. Upon visiting the beach, newlyweds can see the majestic Mount Fuji and the charming pine trees. The beach is, however, more populated with rocks rather than sand. Fortunately, couples can still enjoy swimming on the other side of the peninsula. To use showers and changing rooms, couples and other guests must pay a fee.