The Best Calligraphy Experiences in Kyoto

The art of Japanese calligraphy has been practiced throughout the ages. From the aristocracy and samurai to the people of Japan. Calligraphy is still widely practiced to this day. A calligraphy is a form of writing expressed through artistic strokes and movements. In Kyoto, there are many places where you can learn about the art of calligraphy. Calligraphy is a fusion of art and poetry, true calligraphy is said to come from the heart.

Showing a true expression of one’s inner self. Calligraphy holds emotion, beauty, rhythm, and spirituality. The art of calligraphy is part of Japanese culture and something most visitors to Kyoto should try. In Kyoto, you will find calligraphy classes, and many Kyoto based calligraphy experiences.


Maikoya Calligraphy Experience Kyoto

Maikoya Calligraphy Experience Kyoto Maikoya Calligraphy Experience Kyoto

The best way to experience calligraphy is the traditional Japanese way. Calligraphy is a fusion of art and poetry. True calligraphy is said to come from the heart, creating a true expression of one’s inner self.
At Maikoya, you will find one of the most peaceful environments in Kyoto. You will have access to expert teachers and the best inks and rice papers. Making this the number one calligraphy experience in Kyoto.
At the Maikoya Caligraphy Experience Kyoto. You can take a calligraphy lesson from an expert instructor. Even a novice can create beautiful calligraphy with some expert direction and practice.
 Maikoya Caligraphy Experience Kyoto Maikoya Caligraphy Experience Kyoto

When you visit Maikoya, you will have the option to sit and enjoy a private calligraphy lesson or try something a little more adventurous. How about dressing in a kimono and enjoying a traditional Japanese tea ceremony before you practice the fine art of calligraphy?
Maikoya Calligraphy Experience Kyoto
When you visit the Maikoya Caligraphy Experience, you can choose to live life in the traditional Japanese way. You will get help from the accommodating team of English speaking assistants. They will dress you in a kimono and instruct you in the fine art of calligraphy. After your lesson, you can attend a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
Maikoya Calligraphy Experience Kyoto Maikoya Calligraphy Experience Kyoto

You will have plenty of opportunities for photographs, and you can take your finished work home.

This is a five star rated experience on Trip Advisor and a fantastic way to spend your afternoon in Kyoto.
If you would like to book your calligraphy lesson click here. You can also get directions to Maikoya Calligraphy Experience Kyoto by clicking here.


Calligraphy at Ami Kyoto

Ami Kyoto allows beginners to create beautiful works of art using calligraphy. They do this under the guidance of their skilled instructors.

All of the instructors speak English and are very patient and experienced. True calligraphy is about freedom of expression and communication.

At Ami Kyoto, you will learn how to let your brush flow as you create words and messages, delivering a message of peace and tranquillity.

Ami Kyoto

Ami Kyoto is based in a traditional Japanese townhouse. The construction of a Japanese townhouse is developed to create order and peace in your inner self. At Ami Kyoto, calligraphy is used as art therapy and artistic expression.


Shodo Calligraphy at Kyogokoro

Kyogokoro Kyogokoro,

Kyogokoro offers a cultural experience and an insight into Japanese culture. At Kyogokoro you will find one of the best calligraphy experiences in Kyoto and much more.

Using a simple paintbrush and black ink. You can create characters of expression that speak in poetic and artistic tones.

You can experience your calligraphy class dressed in the traditional Japanese Kimono. At Kyogokoro you can experience traditional Japanese culture in the heart of downtown Kyoto.


If you would like to dress in a kimono, while practicing the art of calligraphy, you can. You can also complete your day with a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Making this a Kyoto experience you will never forget.

You will find a full range of activities and prices on the Kyogokoro website. Where you can book your experience in advance.


Zazen at Taizo-in Temple

Zazen Taizo-in Temple Zazen Taizo-in Temple,

Zen meditation is a vital part of Zen Buddhism. Calligraphy is seen as a reflection with connections to Zen meditation. At Zazen, you can learn calligraphy at a real Zen Buddhist temple.

Zazen offers the chance to enter one of the few Zen Buddhist temples open to the public all year. As well as learning the art of calligraphy you can learn about Zen Buddhism and meditation.

Zazen Taizo-in Temple

There are not many opportunities to experience the real life of a Zen Buddhist. Zazen is one of the few places in Kyoto that will make this a possibility.

This is the perfect opportunity to empty your mind experiencing true meditation and spiritual awareness, in a real Zen Buddhist temple.


WAK Japan

WAK Japan WAK Japan,

A calligraphy is an art form that promotes freedom of expression through meditation. WAK Japan is a Kyoto cultural hub, with a wide variety of courses and experiences.

They have a calligraphy workshop delivered by expert teachers who will have you creating artistic and beautiful works with a little practice.

WAK Japan is the perfect place to combine many experiences. At WAK Japan, they recommend combining your calligraphy lesson with a traditional kimono fitting. This way you can feel the authentic traditions of Japan and create an experience you will never forget.

WAK Japan

You can even combine your calligraphy workshop with the ancient art of Japanese bookbinding. This is the perfect way to take your newly created calligraphy and present it in a beautiful hand-bound book.