What are the best Ninja experiences in Kyoto?

One of the most exhilarating experiences in Kyoto is spending the day as a ninja. You can throw ninja stars and learn the stealth moves used by the world's most deadly assassins.

There are many ninja experiences in Kyoto that are suitable for all age groups. A Kyoto ninja experience can last a few hours or a full day.

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Kyoto Samurai and Ninja Museum

Throughout history, the Ninja has been known for having extreme acrobatic skills and deadly martial arts abilities. In only a few hours, you can learn the basics. Before dressing in a full ninja uniform and putting your new found skills to the test.

The ninja was an expert in assassination and a master of espionage. Dressed from head to toe in black the mythical ninja became a global phenomenon thanks to the movies of the 1970s. No visit to Japan is complete without spending some time learning about this fascinating culture.

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If you have the courage, you can visit The Samurai and Ninja Experience where you will learn the sacred arts that allowed Japans most feared assassins to step in silence and strike with deadly accuracy.

At the Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto, you will find some of the best ninja instructors in Japan. This is definitely one of the best ninja experiences in Kyoto. All classes and the museum come with hundreds of five-star reviews on Trip Advisor.

Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto

At the Samurai and Ninja Experience, you can wear the traditional ninja uniform and learn how to use the weapons that made the ninja feared throughout Japan. Learn how to throw shurikens stars and use a ninja blowgun. Before discovering the discipline involved in handling a samurai sword.

The Samurai and Ninja Experience has some of the best ninja instructors in Japan. Whatever your age or physical abilities you will have a fantastic time learning the history of the ninja and practicing with some of the weapons they used.

You can book your ninja experience in advance by visiting the Samurai & Ninja Museum Kyoto website. Classes are available for all age groups. You can get directions from Google maps, here


The Ninja Training Dojo Kyoto

The Ninja Training Dojo Kyoto The Ninja Training Dojo Kyoto, ninjadojoandstore.com

The Ninja Training Dojo is home to Samurai grandmasters, who will train you in the sacred art of Japan's deadliest assassins. The Ninja Dojo Kyoto is suitable for people of all ages.

At Ninja Training Dojo Kyoto you will learn the secret ninja techniques that have been handed down through 500 years of ninja training. You will learn how to handle samurai swords and daggers. As well as learning the meditation techniques that allowed a ninja to strike with deadly silence and precision.

At The Ninja Training Dojo Kyoto, you can book an experience that will last from one hour to one full day. The highlight of your experience will be negotiating the specially designed ninja house. Where you can put your ninja abilities to the test. You can also join the ninja walking tour, where you will learn the history and traditions of the ninja while exploring Kyoto.


Ninja Kyoto Restaurant

This restaurant was closed on 12/31/2018. The location is near the Kyoto Samurai & Ninja Museum. Just in case.

At Ninja Kyoto, you will find a more relaxed ninja experience. The entire Ninja Kyoto entertainment complex is dedicated to the ninja. You will discover ninja-themed restaurants where your ninja waiter will come and perform tricks at your table.

There is a theater where you will find stunning acrobatics performed by highly trained ninjas. This entertaining show lasts for about two hours and has something for all the family. Including wire walking, fire blowing, and stunning projections.

Ninja Kyoto Restaurant

The Ninja Kyoto Restaurant complex has an excellent selection of restaurants ranging from buffet-style canteens to fine dining. At some of the restaurants, you can even learn how to prepare your own Ramen.

The entire Ninja Kyoto Restaurant complex is excellent fun for all of the family. As there are lots of interactive attractions and games for children.


Toei Kyoto Studio Park

The Kyoto Studio Park is an action-packed day out for all the family. There is a lot more to this experience than practicing the ancient art of the Japanese ninja. At the Kyoto Studio Park, you will find a wide selection of activities suitable for all the family.

Toei Kyoto is a working film studio. This is where many drama and ninja films are made. Most of the studios are open to the public, allowing you to explore some of the many movie sets. Many of these sets resemble the traditional ninja villages of a bygone era.

Toei Kyoto Studio Park ninja show

On most days there is filming taking place at the Kyoto Studio. Making this the perfect opportunity to experience a film being made. There are family-focused activities including, live ninja shows and acrobatic displays.

You can even dress like a ninja and explore one of the many film sets. This is a fantastic activity for children and those adults that would like to indulge in childhood fantasies.

The Kyoto Studio Park is one of the leading tourist attractions in Kyoto and scores five-stars with Trip Advisor. This is a fantastic day out for all the family.