Interesting cafe kissaten in Gion

1.Gion Cafe (祇園カフェ)

sweets Sweets, Contrail

If you would like to have lunch and sweets, you should go to Gion Cafe.
It’s located just outside of South gate of Yasaka shrine.
The building is 120 years old, it is renovated as Machiya style of cafe 
The meals and sweets created by French owner are masterpiece.
You can also enjoy the hospitality with “ cat staff” 
電話番号:075 744 6997



The north side of Shirakawa,Kissyo Karyo Gion shop is located. Here, you can taste roasted Kinako(soybean flour) sweets. Inside of shop, nice kinako’s aroma is spreading. How about enjoying various Kinako sweets, Warabimochi, Parfait and latte in nostalgic place.


3.zen cafe 

Zen cafe stands at a small path that straid from Hanamikoji.
You can enjoy the sweets with Japanese style atmosphere.
Yurine-kinton, Warabimochi and Jyo-namagashi  are just like a work of art.


4.Kezuruhiya (けずりひや)

Kezuruhiya is located near the famous shrine called Yasaka shrine. 
This place is popular especially among young generation because of its artistic shaved ice. Shaved ice is one of the Japanese traditional sweets for mostly summer but you can enjoy it throughout the year. 
You can enjoy the Kyoto’s original taste: Macha, Hojicha and Kyoto earl gray tea flavor. And the surface is decorated with lovely design like temple or geisha, looks more like latte art. That would be nice as photo of Japanese memory. There are nice couch and big comfortables eat so you can feel relaxing during your travel.


5.Gion Tokuya (ぎおん 徳屋)

“Gion Tokuya” is located in a middle of Hanamikoji street.
This is famous for “Warabi-mochi” (bracken starch dumpling)
Warabi-mochi is Japanese soul sweets, Everyone gets used to eat this sweets in childhood.
Especially Tokuya’s warabi-mochi is preferred by Geiko and Maiko
Sometimes Tokuya’s warabi-mochi is catered in Ozashiki (dinner party place).
The guests know about Geiko and Maikos’ favor.
In front of the shop, the lesson schedule is notified. This is convenient for Maiko-san.
Because they don’t have mobile phone. Such as, the shop at Hanamikoji and Geiko and Maiko are closely linked.
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6.Warabi-mochi (鍵善), Kuzukiri(良房)

Speaking of Japanese-style sweets are “Warabi-mochi” (bracken-starch dumpling) and “Kuzukiri” (shredded kuzu cake).
 “Kagizen-Yoshifusa” is just north side of Gion, opposite side of Hanamikoji.
This sweet shop provides various sweets, above all, Kuzukiri in shijyo shop is superb.
Kuzukiri is starch from perennial herb, it’s also one of Chinese medicine.
Inside of the shop, you can enjoy a spacious room so that you don’t think it’s in the middle of Kyoto.
Kuzukiri’s shape is like noodle and soak it into brown sugar syrup.
When you eat kuzukiri in Kagizen, you must feel “Hannari” mood, which means refined and serene
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7.Tamejiro (ぎをん為治郎 祇園店) 

If you need some rest, how about having sweets?
Next recommending is “Tamejiro” which faces Shijyo street
This nice sweet shop is the same building as Gion Hanamikoji Maikoya.
Tamejiro provides Macha parfait, which harmonizes traditional Japanese flavor, Machar and modern flavor, ice cream, fresh cream and fruits with various textures. This is literary perfect, parfait
It’s too attractive to pass up.
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