Top Japanese Restaurants in Gion


This is a very authentic Japanese traditional Kaiseki restaurant. They try to keep the beauty of Japanese food and a good atmosphere, so there is a dress code. It is open only for dinner to serve their best quality of the meal and great customer service. You will enjoy the traditional Japanese style architecture outside and inside. Their course is called “Cha kaiseki” which means the collaboration of tea and kaiseki. All the food will taste very elegant and sophisticated.

If you want to try the traditional atmosphere, it is a nice place to be.
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Kikunoi is famous for one of the very traditional Kyoto’s cuisine restaurant. In the Micheline Kansai region version issued in 2020, it was granted the highest rank of 3 stars. They started the restaurant in 1912 near the historic place near the famous Temple called Kodai-ji which has beautiful scenery, especially in the autumn season. The history is related to the famous Samurai Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Their philosophy is “ichi go ichi e” the same as tea philosophy. They put importance on hospitality. Their kaiseki is consists of 9 menus including deserts.

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3.Gion Maruyama

In the Micheline issued in 2009, it was granted the highest rank of 2 stars. The owner-chef uses his ideas fully for his meal with seasonal ingredients. Lots of people coming from all over Japan to enjoy his special cuisine and hospitality. The atmosphere is authentic Japanese style. It seems to be super formal but you may feel comfortable like you go to someone’s home once you take a seat there. 1st floor is all decorated with only counter seats and the 2nd floor is all decorated with private rooms. There are 2 branches: one is located on Hanami-koji street, the most classic famous street in Kyoto, another one is located in front of the famous temple called Kennin-ji. You can enjoy a small Japanese garden as well. Not only meals but also flower arrangements, pottery, arts will lead you to a beautiful Japanese experience.

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4.Kodaiji Wakuden

The history of Wakiden is brought back to the Meiji era. The first owner, Denemon Wakuya built an inn. The three-story wooden inn was quite novel at the time. After the Kita Tango earthquake devastated the inn, the second owner decided to renovate the inn as a Ryokan, Japanese-style hotel. He invited a chef who is specialized in Washoku, Japanese traditional cooking.

Then, finally, Wakiden was moved to Koudaiji and started operating as a Ryotei, which is a restaurant in Japanese. Since then, Wakiden has been dedicated to providing seasonal, fresh food to customers. This restaurant is also famous for selecting as a Michelin star Japanese restaurant several times in the past.

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5.Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama

Kitcho established in 1930 at Osaka first and made Kyoto Kiccho in 1991. This is one of the most famous Japanese kaiseki restaurant. It is located in a beautiful place called Arashiyama. You can also enjoy traditional Japanese garden scenery in Kiccho. This place is famous for “Hagoita Hassun” which includes something nice with Sake. In the Micheline guide, Kiccho was granted the highest rank of 3 stars for 10 years. You can expect to have a relaxing time there. You can see Japanese sensitive omotenashi, hospitality.

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