Top Ramen Restaurants in Gion

1. Gion Duck Noodles

Gion Duck Noodles A famous dish at Gion Duck Noodles, Ryoko Takeishi

Gion Duck Noodles are famous for Ramen with Duck meat. It is located near the famous shrine called the Yasaka shrine. It is a more modern unique restaurant and you will enjoy the collaboration with Japanese taste and French taste. There are only 8 seats and you will not be able to make a reservation. There are some unique ramens like orange and blueberry sauce dipping noodles. Maybe you will be shocked in a good way because their ramen will beyond your image of Japanese ramen. It should be a very interesting choice to make. Furthermore, all the menu is written in Emoji. It would be fun to choose the menu as well.



2. Kyoto Ramen Sadakazu

If you want to try Kyoto Ramen, Sadakazu is one of the famous places in Kyoto. It is famous because they open only from 10 pm to 1 am and have only 5 counter seats. This is the originator of soup made out of soy sauce backfat in Kyoto. It is known as volumey ramen with lots of leeks as a topping and a few red peppers.

Many local people line up to have their tasty Kyoto Ramen especially after drinking. The location is near the famous shrine called the Yasaka shrine. You can enjoy the local atmosphere at the center of Kyoto with their ramen.

Telephone: 075-533-0053


3. Hakata-Nagahama-Ramen Miyoshi

Miyoshi is located in the center of Kyoto, Kiyamachi street. Local people go to Kiyamachi for dinner and mostly drinking. Miyoshi opens till morning.

It is one of the old Ramen places in the Kiyamachi area and famous for light Tonkotsu (pork) flavor and thin noodles. The menu is more simple but simple is good.

The outlook is an old-style Japanese Ramen place called Yatai style which people have seats randomly as bar counter style. If you want to enjoy Ramen in the classic old style, this is a nice place to be.



4. Ramen Miyako (Gion)

Ramen Miyako is famous for Kyoto Ramen which based on chicken and vegetable soup stock. You can enjoy the harmony of Japanese modern taste. It is located near the famous shrine called the Yasaka shrine. They make their original noodle and soup. You can enjoy drink up the last ship of soup because their soup is mild with vegetable essence.

You can also enjoy dumpling or fried rice there. They have also plain salt Ramen and Spicy Miso ramen which are more health-oriented. The inside of the restaurant is large so you may go with groups as well.

Telephone: 075-541-1385


5. Kyoto Gion Ramen Muraji

Muraji is located near the Shirakawa river in Gion, a very famous place for movies or dramas. This place is known as a lady owner-chef. The entrance does not look like Ramen place with its sophisticated outlook. Inside is also decorated with arts, very stylish.

You can enjoy chicken-based plain soup there. Muraji became popular with its unique ramen “Lemon Ramen”. The bowl is full of slices of lemon as a topping so you will enjoy the combination of fresh sour taste and the soup. It would be nice as a photo too. Please try the unique Ramen here.

Telephone: 075-744-1144

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