Beppu Onsen

Beppu is located in Oita Prefecture, known for its collection of hot springs that can be found around the city. It is known to be the city with the largest number of onsen water sources and volume of hot spring water in Japan. Many of these onsens can be visited in traditional Japanese inns that welcome locals, tourists, and even non-guests to experience hot baths in their premises.
Each hot spring found in Beppu is known to offer different sceneries and characteristics. One of the famous onsens in the city is the Kannawa Onsen, which is renowned for its steam baths, established by a monk named Ippen Shonin around the 1200s. The sources of these waters promise a relaxing dip and soothing of body aches.
Umi jigoku (means torture of Sea) in Beppu, Oita prefecture, a famous onsen resort on the island of Kyushu in Japan.

Hotel Shiragiku is also a hot spring hotel that is highly recommended for visitors who aim for an onsen bath experience and delicious food. The onsens of this hotel soften skin and cleanse dirt, making one feel refreshed and clean. The bath is also ideal for people who struggle with skin problems. Its water source is one of the eleven types of hot springs recognized worldwide and is considered to be a top hot spring resort in Beppu.
Suginoi Hotel is one of the resident stays in the area that offers baths and entertainment, with features like the bowling alley. It belongs to the Beppu collection of top ryokans and offers guests open-air baths that face the ocean. Beppu Showaen is also an onsen that has all of its rooms equipped with hot spring baths and offers rooms situated in a garden. Considered one of the top ryokans in Japan, the inn offers unique seasonal tea ceremony dishes featured in its multi-course dinner.
Beppu Onsen

If guests want a stay near the sea, Hotel New Matsumi is the go-to accommodation. The hotel stands next to the sea and offers great views in its rooms equipped with open-air baths. With its location rich in hot baths, one of the main reasons people travel to Beppu is the Hell Circuit, also referred to as Jigoku Menguri. The circuit has eight areas of hell, each having its theme. These hell areas are known to circle attractions around the area.
Other than onsen baths, another thing to try is a sand bath. Located in Shoningahama Beach, the sand on the coast is heated naturally by the waters of the spring. The onsen areas of Beppu City are accessible by rides coming from Oita Airport.


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