Gero Onsen

Gero is a city located in the mountainous areas of Japan. The place is known for its hot springs and traditional Japanese inns. The history of its onsen dates back to the Edo Period, where Gero city was renowned for having the best hot springs, which was stated by a poet named Hayashi Razan. The quality of its waters remains one of the best sources still used by many accommodations in the present day.
Shogetsu is one of the onsen ryokans guests can stay at when in Gero. It offers spacious open-air baths and views of the town. Another recommended accommodation is Suihoen. Staying at the inn gives magnificent mountain views right from its onsen baths. These baths are also featured in some of the rooms.
Gero Onsen Town and Hida River seen from the Takayama Main Line Limited Express "Hida", taken by そらみみ

A place of stay close to traditional aesthetic is Yunoshimakan, which is an onsen ryokan situated on a high location. It is one of the three most famous hot springs in Japan and offers guests a view of the town. It also has Japanese-style rooms that are equipped with open-air onsen baths. Visitors can also take advantage of its large public baths and rental onsens that can be used exclusively by families and couples. The waters from the onsen are ideal for fatigue and skin enhancement.
Sumeikan is a long-established ryokan that ranks seven out of 100 hotels and is a top recommendation by professionals. Also belonging to the three most famous hot springs in Japan, Sumeikan has a long history as a hot spring service, making people become long-time bathers in its waters. Gero Kanko Hotel is also a part of the three famous hot springs and is ranked number one in “Ureta Yado”. People can travel here to have a quality stay and a rich hot spring experience.
Large Public Bath at Suimeikan,

With these excellent accommodations, public bathhouses in Gero are not only found in ryokans. There are towns with designated onsens where people can have a bathing experience for free. Many onsens can also be visited inside inns, where several offer their services to the public during daytime. 
The location is near the Onsen Museum, which displays the history of hot springs and their science. Notable sites are the Osenji Temple, where guests can climb a staircase to view the Hida River and the city, and the Gassho-mura, which is a mountain village recreated, paired with a folk museum. Gero can be visited by train from Nagoya or by bus from Takayama.


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