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Mount Hakodate Mount Hakodate

Hakodate is a city that can be found on the island of Hokkaido, also known for its Mount Hakodate. The mountain boasts views for travelers who climb up to its height and share the magnificence of the area and location. The city is also known for being a rich source of hot springs, considering that there is a volcanic crater in Hokkaido. A large number of spas, resorts, and ryokans can be visited for a relaxing retreat.
The accommodations target guests that crave much-needed rest or people who just simply want to take a break and slow things down a bit with tranquility. The onsens facilities invite visitors to the experience of calm and loosening up of one’s self by letting the water soothe and heal a tired body. It is in the ryokans where guests can also witness the different beauty of the seasons while unwinding, treating them to a whole new cultural experience. 
Onuma Tsuruga Auberge Epuy Public Open-Air Bath, onuma-epuy.com/en/hotspring Onuma Tsuruga Auberge Epuy Public Open-Air Bath, onuma-epuy.com/en/hotspring

Onuma Tsuruga Auberge Epuy is one of the top accommodations in Hakodate that will turn a vacation stay into a memorable one. It is a 5-star hotel that has garden views guests can enjoy and is rich with hot spring facilities. Some of the rooms include a private bath for the relaxation of the guest. The hotel offers guests a buffet breakfast in the morning and a full-course dinner in the evening made with locally sourced ingredients. It has onsens where guests can unwind and let loose. Guests can also have a skiing experience which is near the hotel. Ryokan Ichinomatsu is another charming accommodation not far from Hakodate Goryokaku and Goryokaku Park. The ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn, originally a private villa, designed with neutral colors and wooden textures. It has views of their courtyard and garden. Guests are also welcome to enjoy the indoor baths to soak away the tiredness of exploring the area.
Chikuba Shinyotei, a traditional ryokan, is also worth checking out. Its location is great for tourists who are looking for a way to explore Japanese culture. Additionally, there are also indoor and outdoor baths offered to guests to enjoy--the outdoor baths come with a serene view of the Japanese garden. Chikuba Shinyotei also has an indoor zen garden, a shop, and a banquet hall where guests can partake in varying culinary experiences, including kaiseki meals. Another resident accommodation is Hanabishi Hotel. It is only a short distance from Hakodate Tropical Botanical GardenMiharashi ParkHakodate Ropeway, and several popular attractions. The water is sourced from Yunokawa Onsen and is transparent and colorless. Other facilities include a tea lounge, a karaoke room, a night club, a souvenir shop, and a spa center.
Asaichi, Hakodate Morning Market Asaichi, Hakodate Morning Market

After relaxation, shopping fans can visit the Hakodate Morning Market, also known as Asaichi. It is where guests can find 300 shops and eateries that feature seafood goodness, offering a variety of crustacean ingredients. Squid fishing is a popular activity that can be done by guests where they can fish from water tanks and the shop owner cooks the catch, which can be eaten afterward. From all the walking, guests can stop by Yunokawa Onsen Ashiyu Yumeguri Butai, which is a free foot bath that can be used by people along the road. Be sure that the feet rest first before dipping it in the foot onsen. Hakodate can be reached by train from Sapporo. 


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