The Best Onsens in Osaka

あまみ温泉 南天苑 Amami Onsen Nantenen

Amami Onsen Nantenen Amami Onsen Nantenen, 菊さん

Amami Onsen Nantenen is a building registered as one of the tangible cultural properties in Japan. The building displays a classical appearance that matches its Japanese garden, making one forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
This ryokan has rooms with various views. Amami Onsen offers Seiryutei, a room with a stall bath that has only one room.
It is a luxurious room where guests can experience nature and the beauty of the four seasons. Its private open-air bath is from Japanese cypress material.
Guests here can spend an intimate and special time with their loved ones. Guests with meal plans for day trips can bring their food, which they can also enjoy within the room.
It is a hot spring inn with good access and is just a 2-minute walking distance away from Amami Station.

Amami Onsen Nantenen Location

Amami Onsen Nantenen

Address: 158 Amami, Kawachinagano, Osaka 586-0062, Japan (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81721688081



伏尾温泉 不死王閣 Fushio Onsen Fushio Kaku

Fushio Onsen Fushio Kaku Fushio Onsen Fushio Kaku, ceci WONG

Fushio Onsen Fushio Kaku is an accommodation just 30 minutes away from Osaka City. The onsen offers a room stay plan for three hours and a 0-night-2-meal-plan available from 11 AM to 9 PM. 
The onsen also has a popular spot for women, offering a scenic stall bath and beauty treatment salon. Among the day trip plans, Fushio Onsen Fushio Kaku also offers a plan where guests can have barbecue so friends can enjoy it with their families. 
After enjoying the barbecue, travelers can leisurely bathe in the open-air hot spring bath.

Fushio Onsen Fushio Kaku Location

Fushio Onsen Fushio Kaku

Address: Japan, 〒563-0011 Osaka, Ikeda, Fushiocho, 128−1 (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81727513540



鶴見緑地湯元 水春 Tsurumi Ryokuchi Yumoto Suisyun

Tsurumi Ryokuchi yumoto Suishun Tsurumi Ryokuchi yumoto Suishun, 鶴見緑地湯元 水春

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Yumoto Suisyun is where travelers can spend a relaxing time in a natural hot spring in the open-air bath with a feeling of openness. Guests can enjoy many types of hot springs such as carbonated springs, milky baths, whirlpool baths, pot baths, sleeping baths, and alternative hot springs. 
There are many bedrock baths the onsen offers. There is a bedrock bath floor where guests can expect detoxification effects, immunity improvement, and anti-aging care measures. There is also a restaurant and relaxation facilities inside the building, making it a spot where guests can refresh themselves even on a day trip.

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Yumoto Suisyun Location

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Yumoto Suisyun

Address: 1-37 Ryokuchikoen, Tsurumi Ward, Osaka, 538-0036, Japan (map)
Hours: Monday - Sunday 9AM–2AM
Phone: +81642571126



犬鳴山温泉 み奈美亭 Inunakiyama Onsen Minamitei

Inunakiyama Onsen Minamitei, Inunakiyama Onsen Minamitei,

Inunaki Onsenkyo is an onsen surrounded by abundant nature. At the onsen, guests can see a stall bath and sauna, where they can refresh themselves from fatigue and body aches. 
Inunaki Onsenkyo also has a chef that prides in the scrumptious kaiseki courseGuests here can experience tasting seasonal ingredients.
The multi-course meal is very popular because of its volume. Minamitei's natural hot springs have plenty of simple sulfur cold mineral springs
These properties are of good quality and have gained a reputation among its repeating customers repeat them. The hot springs where guests enter after walking around Inunaruyama are exceptional.

Inunakiyama Onsen Minamitei Location

Inunakiyama Onsen Minamitei

Address: 2238 Ogi, Izumisano, Osaka 598-0023, Japan (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81724597208



関空温泉ホテルガーデンパレス Kansai Onsen Hotel Garden Palace

Kansai Onsen Hotel Garden Palace, Kansai Onsen Hotel Garden Palace,

Kansai Onsen Hotel Garden Palace is a chartered hot spring plan, where both families and couples can enjoy a relaxing time. The onsen offers a free shuttle bus from Kansai Airport, making it ideal for access from afar.
Guests can rent a yukata of their choice. Guests can wear it and walk around the building so they can enjoy a day-trip hot spring even more. 
Kansai Onsen Hotel Garden Palace also prides itself on its "Crab Samadhi Kaiseki," a popular dish among the guests. Guests can choose from high-class ingredients such as abalone and Japanese black beef so they can be satisfied with the finest lunch.
There is also a footbath and a relaxation room where they can spend a relaxing day.

Kansai Onsen Hotel Garden Palace Location

Kansai Onsen Hotel Garden Palace

Address: Japan, 〒598-0013 Osaka, Izumisano, Nakamachi, 1 Chome−3−51 1 598 0013 (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81724624026



奥水間温泉 Okumizuma Onsen

Okumizuma Onsen, Okumizuma Onsen,

Okumizuma Onsen is an onsen with a natural hot spring with properties concentrating on sodium springIts spring properties are recognized for their various effects and are also called "Bijin no Yu" or "Miracle no Yu."
The open-air bath of the onsen overlooks the mountain stream.  Here, guests can enjoy the scenery of spring cherry blossoms, summer fireflies, autumn leaves, winter snow, and the seasonal atmosphere.
Okumizuma Onsen also offers monthly creative dishes, which has gained a reputation among its customers. Guests can enjoy their meal slowly in a private room that is available for reservation.
It is a hideaway in Quanzhou that has a reputation for making skin smooth.

Okumizuma Onsen Location

Okumizuma Onsen

Address: 3159 Kotsumi, Kaizuka, Osaka 597-0102, Japan (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81724788511



天然温泉 虹の湯 狭山店 Natural hot spring Niji no Yu Sayama store

Niji no Yu, Niji no Yu Sayama,

Niji no Yu Sayama is a super public bath with eight designer family baths which are like a suite. Guests can spend a luxurious time with their families, friends, and loved ones. All family baths are barrier-free and are a non-smoking area. 
Guests can enjoy a luxurious bath while gazing at the panoramic waterfallThe bath is fully-equipped with shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, and other bath necessities.
Bath towels are also available, provided that guests pay a separate fee.

Niji no Yu Location

Niji no Yu

Address: 2 Chome-837 Higashinonishi, Osakasayama, Osaka 589-0001, Japan (map)
Hours: Monday - Sunday 10AM–12AM
Phone: +81723654126



牛滝温泉 四季まつり Ushitaki Onsen Four Seasons Festival

Ushitaki Onsen Four Seasons Festival Ushitaki Onsen Four Seasons Festival, 千葉正克

Ushitaki Onsen is a hot spring located in Kishiwada City of the Osaka Prefecture. The spring quality from the Izumi Group, which was formed in the Cretaceous period about 80 million years ago, is a sodium-chloride strong salt spring that has an excellent heat-retaining effect and is called "Beautiful skin hot water."
There is a tatami-matted rest space where guests can relax after bathing. In addition, guests can enjoy the udon menu with homemade noodles and the proud soup stock. 
Guests can enjoy their meal slowly at the restaurant. Facilities include free footbaths, souvenir shops, accommodation, and barbecue areas.

Ushitaki Onsen Four Seasons Festival Location

Ushitaki Onsen Four Seasons Festival

Address: 1158 Osawacho, Kishiwada, Osaka 596-0114, Japan (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81724792641



摂津峡花の里温泉 山水館 Settsukyo Hananosato Onsen Sansuikan

Settsukyo Hananosato Onsen Sansuikan, Settsukyo Hananosato Onsen Sansuikan,

At Settsukyo Hananosato Onsen Sansuikan, guests can enjoy two types of hot springs. Both have different spring qualities in the open-air bath and large communal bath.
Both baths also overlook the mountain streamThe onsen also offers a day trip plan that comes with meals so guests can enjoy the taste of each season.
Meals are proudly from local ingredients. Guests can also relax in the hot springs after strolling around Settsukyo.

Settsukyo Hananosato Onsen Sansuikan Location

Settsukyo Hananosato Onsen Sansuikan

Address: 3-2-2 Hara, Takatsuki, Osaka 569-1051, Japan (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81726871039



美人湯 祥風苑 Bijinyu Shofuen

Bijin-yu Shofuen Bijin-yu Shofuen, Masao N

Bijinyu Shofuen has a sister building located about 10-minute walking distance from Sansuikan. The hot spring baths of the onsen are a source of good quality spring.
The baths are known for their healing benefits and skin-softening propertiesBijinyu Shofuen is especially popular for its reputation in smoothening the skin due to the effect of washing away fats and secretions.
Guests can also enjoy a family bath that can be used by couples, so they can enjoy a private and relaxing time. By using the "Sansuikan" and the hot spring facility "Shofuen" in the sister building, guests can visit the hot springs for beautiful skin and health.

Bijinyu Shofuen Location

Bijinyu Shofuen

Address: 4 Chome-20-3 Tsukawaki, Takatsuki, Osaka 569-1036, Japan (map)
Hours: Monday - Sunday 10AM–12AM
Phone: +81726896700



大阪能勢町 天然温泉旅館 能勢温泉 Nose Onsen, a natural hot spring inn in Nose Town, Osaka

Nose Onsen, Nose Onsen,

Nose Onsen is a hot spring resort located in a peaceful Satoyama in Nose Town of Toyono District. It calmly situates in the northwestern part of Osaka Prefecture.
The hot spring source of this simple radioactivity ray is rich in calcium and sodium ions. These are said to be effective for neuralgia, muscle pain, gout, and post-illness recovery.
Guests can enjoy the popular open-air bath of Nose Onsen while feeling the atmosphere of each season. They can also enjoy various meals such as "kaiseki cuisine," "nabe course," and "lunch box."

Nose Onsen Location

Nose Onsen

Address: 409-81 Yamabe, Nose, Toyono District, Osaka 563-0372, Japan (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81727340041