Yunokawacho Onsen

The onsens of Yunokawa Cho area are considered to be one of the most popular hot spring baths in Hokkaido. Its waters are known to bring physical healing and health benefits to a person, even beautifying skin. The onsens have been a favorite to many local citizens and tourists as it offers guests non-rush quality time paired with the calming atmosphere in its respective locations.
Hanabishi Hotel Hot Springs,

The onsens have garnered a great reputation from its visitors, with over a million tourists coming to visit the location annually before the pandemic. Onsens have a long history dating back to the 1600s, claiming to have healed significant figures of Japanese history. 
Ryokan Ichinomatsu is a traditional inn that stands out in the area, being a private villa as an origin. It is designed with neutral colors and wooden materials. It specializes in indoor baths that soak away the tiredness of the body. Another recommended stay is Hanabishi Hotel, which is a short distance away from the Tropical Botanical Garden and Miharashi Park. It offers gender-segregated hot spring baths, with water sourced from Yunokawa Onsen displaying clear and transparent display.
Heiseikan Shiosaitei Grand Outdoor Bath,

If guests want a larger bathing experience they can go to Heiseikan Shiosaitei. Unlike traditional ryokans, the inn displays modern Japanese design. Its location shows breathtaking views of the ocean and equipped some of its rooms with open-air baths. It has two large communal baths, one boasting an ocean view while the other is embraced by their Japanese garden. Guests can also opt for spa relaxation treatments. Another luxury ryokan is Yunokawa Prince Hotel, where guests can relax in private open-air baths right inside the rooms. The onsen overlooks Tsugaru Strait and Hakodate city views.
Guests who want to explore are welcome to venture Goryokaku. It is a park shaped like a star where guests can stroll and see the sights of Hakodate. A tower is located at its side where guests can see a better view of the city. Mount Hakodate is another recommendation where people can travel to the mountain by cable car. These areas are accessible by car from Hakodate Airport. Trains are also available at the Hakodate Station.


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