Gora Kadan

Gora Kadan Hakone is a perennial traditional Japanese inn that can be located on the mountains of Hakone. In the present day, it is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

Its past served as a weekend cottage, both owned and a favorite of the Kaninnomiya Family in a village named Gora, which sits in the Kanagawa Prefecture. During the 1950s, Gora Kadan was introduced as an inn and as time passed, has evolved its design from classic Japanese genre to added sprinkles of modern elements.

Gora Kadan Hakone features private open-air baths included in its suites that enhance the traditional design of Japanese gardens. The inn prides itself on its standard rooms that possess rustic indoor baths coming from hot-spring wells paired with a mini garden.

Each of its rooms has its own class with distinct features of elements. The classic ryokan sticks with tatami-mat flooring, known as woven straw. Gora Kadan Hakone adds components like sliding paper doors which gives the traditional feel of Japan’s classic cultural vibe.

The inn highlights its communal bath with its waters drawn from Hakone’s natural source, giving benefits both to one’s health and skin.
What if the guest prefers to take a dive for a cool and refreshing feeling? The facilities of the ryokan are also diverse and flexible for a traveler’s needs. The guest can still relax by taking a dip in the pool and then head on for a massage.

After relaxation, visitors are welcome to try the traditional ryokan breakfast. It is known to make one’s appetite full, which gives strength and prepares the guest to explore more activities.


Does this place have a private onsen for couples and families? Is this venue tatoo friendly?

(1) Rooms with open-air hot spring baths available

(2) Rooms with hot-water scenic view spa available

(3) Rental hot spring baths for private use (outside guest rooms): 1 bath

Spring quality/qualities

Simple hot spring

Tourist spots nearby

Lake Ashinoko, Hakone Shrine, Owakudani, Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Field (From late September to early November), Gotemba Premium Outlets

Top hot spring resort - Hakone

Hakone is a popular hot spring area with great access by train and car, at 1 and a half hours from Tokyo.

Enjoy your favorite atmosphere, with an assortment of everything from long-standing ryokan facilities that are of an important cultural asset class to hot spring ryokans of the resort hotel type. This area has a history stretching almost 1300 years as a hot spring.

Number of rooms

38 rooms


Rooms with open-air baths Available

Onsen Area Hakone

Are there additional rental options? With open-air tubs 1 With indoor tubs 0 With both indoor and outdoor tubs 0 Hours 6:15 am - 10:40 pm Price Free / 40 minutes How to book Reserve upon check-in

In or near Tokyo

Price range (yen) 54,200 - 78,000

The price includes one dinner and one breakfast