La Vista Daisetsuzan

La Vista Daisetsuzan is an onsen hotel that is located in a town in Hokkaido known as Higashikawa, which humbly lies at the Kamikawa Subprefecture.

The hotel itself is surrounded by nature, with its appearance considered a fusion of Japanese and European style. La Vista Daisetsuzan has a total of 85 rooms, which cost between 15,000 to 40,000 JPY per, including the necessary toilet amenities.

Each room displays different views of scenery depending on where it is situated. The guest either gets the view of the magnificent Mt. Asahidake or the view of the serene forest.

Its public baths have their waters flow directly from natural hot springs.

The onsen hotel can be reached by bus from Asahikawa Airport.


Number of rooms

85 rooms


Rooms with open-air baths Unavailable

Onsen Area Biei

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen? Onsen Hotel

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)? Yes

Is there a communal shared public bath? Yes

Are there additional rental options? With open-air tubs 0 With indoor tubs 2 With both indoor and outdoor tubs 1 Hours 14:00 - 11:00 Price Free How to book Use when available (no reservation necessary)

Price range (yen) 15,000-40,000

The price includes one dinner and one breakfast