Ebisu Ryokan in Minami, Kyoto

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Founded in 2015, Ebisu Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn that has continued to serve its guests with utmost hospitality and quality services. It aims to provide visitors a good and memorable experience during their stay. The ryokan can be found in the old town part of Kyoto, which is Minami. Minami is known for the unique mix of residential areas and historical sites. This makes Ebisu Ryokan a uniquely situated inn.
Another unique trait of Ebisu Ryokan is that it is based on the “Seven Lucky Gods” of Japanese Mythology. Historically, this tale represented the importance of the number seven in Japan. The inn is named after one of the deities, the group that was claimed to grant fortune. Ebisu represents a strong symbol, signifying a safe journey and good luck.


Ebisu Ryokan Amenities

Ebisu Ryokan offers three quality rooms that showcase the aesthetic of Japanese culture and tradition. These rooms are namely: the Japanese style Standard room, the Japanese style Superior room, and the Japanese style Deluxe room, which has a bathtub. Guests are free to choose the room where they want to stay.
Their air-conditioned rooms are equipped with futon-bedding for a sleep sound for the guests. Aside from being comfortable during your visit, Ebisu Ryokan also encourages its visitors to take part in Japanese culture by wearing a yukata provided by them. This is to make their stay memorable and fun.


Ebisu Ryokan Facilities


Room equipment

Room equipment

✓ Japanese Style

✓ Private Bath

✓ Toilet

✓ Towels

✓ Bathrobes

✓ Air conditioning

✓ Room service

✓ Safe box

✓ Minibar

✓ Refrigerator

✓ TV (flat screen)

✓ Hairdryer


✓ Dinner and Breakfast

✓ Breakfast only (available)

Hotel services

✓ Free parking

✓ Free WiFi

✓ Free breakfast

✓ Karaoke

✓ Banqueting hall

✓ Conference rooms

✓ Concierge

✓ Non-smoking hotel

✓ Credit Card


Ebisu Ryokan Cost

The accommodation cost of Ebisu Ryokan ranges from ¥5,000 to ¥10,000. In comparison to other hotels in Japan, this price can be considered as low. 


Ebisu Ryokan Video


Ebisu Ryokan Reviews

According to the reviews of guests, Ebisu Ryokan is commended for the inn’s quality amenities and reasonable prices. Guests have found their stay pleasant and comfortable, highlighting the beds and yukata robes. The inn continues to be a bright example of unique customer service with a great location.


Ebisu Ryokan Location

Ebisu Ryokan’s location is very convenient because it’s situated just 4 blocks from Kyoto station. While staying there, don’t forget to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine Senbontorii, Tofuku-Ji Temple which is around a 20-25 minute walk, and Kyoto Tower which is a 13-minute walk away.
Ebisu Ryokan

Address: 16-2 Higashikujo Nakatonodacho, Minami Ward, Kyoto, 601-8048, Japan (map)
Website: ebisuryokan.com
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81755747100


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