Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan in Sakyo, Kyoto

Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Nanzenji Sando Kikusui, 菊水

Nanzenji Sando Kikusui is an exclusive ryokan providing guests with an authentic Japanese experience. The ryokan is situated in Sakyo, an area in Kyoto known for its mixture of historical sites like temples, traditional gardens, and waterfalls. Guests can enjoy their cultural experience paired with amazing views and relaxation.
Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan was founded 60 years ago and has undergone quite big changes. The inn has a garden that was made by a famous Japanese garden architect known as Ogawa Jihei VII or the seventh Ueji. His name was prominent during the Meiji and Taishō era of modern Japan.


Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan Amenities

Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan takes pride in its garden that was made by a famous Japanese garden architect. The “Garden with Five Senses” has a pond in the center, giving a peaceful and refreshing vibe. “ The Pond Wishing for the Future” displays an imitation of the shape of Lake Biwa. Lively carps can be seen swimming in the pond.
Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Nanzenji Sando Kikusui, 菊水

The ryokan features a four seasons terrace which is an open-aired outdoor terrace. This is where guests can witness the beauty of how seasons change. The inn also provides three annexes, exclusive rooms each having its design. It can be used as a tea room, private dining room, or a venue for a special event. Japanese cuisine and Kyoto-Western style can be enjoyed at their restaurant.
Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan offers guests five rooms each having its unique features, making it distinct from the other. Room 101 includes a small private terrace where visitors can view the Japanese Garden. Room 202 offers a view of the garden and has two separate rooms, one serving as the bedroom while the other serves for relaxation. Room 202 has fused Japanese and Western-style same as with room 204. Room 203 is a modern Japanese room with a view of the garden.


Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan Facilities


Room equipment

✓ Japanese Style

✓ Private Bath

✓ Toilet

✓ Towels

✓ Bathrobes

✓ Air conditioning

✓ Room service

✓ Safe box

✓ Mini bar

✓ Refrigerator

✓ TV (flat screen)

✓ Hair dryer


✓ Dinner and Breakfast

✓ Breakfast only (available)

Hotel services

✓ Free parking

✓ Free WiFi

✓ Free breakfast

✓ Karaoke

✓ Banqueting hall

✓ Conference rooms

✓ Concierge

✓ Non-smoking hotel

✓ Credit Card



Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan Cost

The starting price for one night of stay at the ryokan is ¥20,000 per person during the low season. In a busy season, the cost is around  ¥30,000 per person.


Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan Video 


Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan Reviews

Based on the reviews of the customers, Nanzenji Sando Kikusui has a great location near the main sightseeing spots which made their travel more worth it. The rooms and amenities of the ryokan has also won the visitors’ approval. The inn was commended for being comfortable and clean.


Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan Location 

Nanzenji Sando Kikusui is located in the Nanzen-ji area, in Kyoto's northeastern area. It is a perfect location for the ryokan because it is close enough to the notable landmarks of the city, such as Ginkakuji Temple, Heian Shrine, and Kiyomizu Temple. Also, tourists can easily reach Gion, Nishiki Market, and Samurai & Ninja Museum
Nanzenji Sando Kikusui Ryokan

Address: Japan, 〒606-8435 Kyoto, Sakyo Ward, Nanzenji Fukuchicho, 31 (map)
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +81757714101


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