Seikoro Inn

Established in 1832, Seikoro Inn is a traditional ryokan that is located in Higashiyama. It first started as a lodging area for travelers who would come and go. It evolved to be a part of a building and has been run by a family since then.

The ryokan is a small building that welcomes people with a cozy ambiance. Guests will enjoy the touch of comfort and warmth the inn offers.

The rooms of Seikoro Inn are based on the traditional Japanese style and have also added modern touches since its renovation. The ryokan has a total of 31 rooms, which interestingly, some of these rooms date back to the 1900s. The rooms cost about 35,000 to 55,000 JPY per night, including a cypress bath and some overlooking the Seikoro garden. Guests can also try the communal bathtubs made from pine.
The Seikoro Inn gives its visitors the freedom to choose what they want to eat for there is no compulsory dinner in the inn. However, guests can book a plan for their stay, including the kaiseki meal.

Both dinner and breakfast of the ryokan are served in individual guest rooms due to the coronavirus.

The location of the inn is near historical sites like Kiyomizu, a temple that has been declared as a World Heritage Site.
The ryokan is accessible by boat ride from the Katsuura River and is also accessible by bus or taxi from the Kawaramachi-gojo bus stop.

Onsen Area Higashiyama

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen? Onsen Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)? Yes

Is there a communal shared public bath? Yes

In or near Kyoto

Price range (yen) 35,000-55,000