Tawaraya Kyoto

Tawaraya Ryokan is a 300-year-old ryokan and is the oldest in Kyoto. Established in the Edo period, aristocrats frequented the inn for its excellent service. The inn has a reputation for treating its guests like royalty, which has been preserved to this day.

The inn provides personalized service, suitable to each person who stays at the hotel, leaving no space for compromising their quality of food and service.

In spite of this intimidating reputation, the inn radiates the comfort and hospitality of a welcoming environment, praised as a “home away from home”.
The 18 rooms have maintained their traditional Japanese elements, with some of the newer additions featuring a touch of modern design. The rooms ranging from 45,000 to 112,000 JPY per night.
Tawaraya Ryokan is located in the city center of Kyoto and is accessible from Tokyo Station.

The hotel is operating normally with safety measures in place and limited acceptance to prevent the spread of infection.

Is this place ryokan only or ryokan with an onsen? Ryokan

Does this ryokan have private onsen (hot spring)? No

Is there a communal shared public bath? No

In or near Kyoto

Price range (yen) 45,000 - 112,000